Do any online tea sites sell EMPTY tea tins?

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This was the place I ordered mine from before I found Davids Tea (and various other companies). I DID NOT want to pay $10 for a small size tin from Teavana…egh!

These were the only affordable ones I could find through googling…who knew googling tea storage containers could bring up practically NOTHING? They had quick shipping and the copper tins are nice (they even have another lid on the inside). The bamboo one doesn’t have the inside lid but it is nice nothe the less.

You even get a free sample with your order! Which is how I discovered I LOVE assam:)

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Rachel J said

I just ordered a bunch from Specialty Bottle, but I also have a bunch of these that are really decent for the price:

Dr Jim said

I didn’t realize that enjoyingtea sold their tins empty, but their small one oz tins are great if you have limited space in their kitchen. I bought a sample set but have repurposed the tins for other teas.

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This is the very first time I’ve participated in any online discussion anywhere. I apologize in advance for any “muck up”. A few weeks ago I found myself seeking complimentary information about tea storage canisters. I found some info elsewhere on the Steepster site which you might find useful – the Steepster dicussion thread titled Tea storage? found under the Discussion subcategory Teaware:
I’ve ordered tins from a number of sites found courtesy of participants in this Steepster discussion but haven’t received them so I can’t share my thoughts about them. I do believe I may have discovered another source for food grade tea tins similar to the tws4 & tws6 from Specialty Bottles ( ) described by others here and elsewhere, and which, at least for me, had a more favorable shipping cost rate, and is therefore worth investigating.
This company is OneStopTins where you can order as few as you’d like at
Their 8oz tin is similar in construction to the 6oz internally sealed tin tws6.
Their tin which is similar to the tsw4 is at
Lastly, the most recent entry in that thread by “Nick” describes the use of a commonly found office item to seal tea tins against exchange of aromas and smells is really clever and worth considering.

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I guess I should have asked about air-tight tins then??

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ashmanra said

I have ordered than from Harney and Sons, plus if you wish they will send you a label if it is ne of their teas. Upton sends extra labels for a tiny fee, too.

My favorite tins so far have been the Rishi black double lidded tins. They keep the tea fresh for a long time. They are a little more expensive, but it is cheaper for me to buy them online than from A Southern Season.

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Does it matter if you use glass jars but store the teas in the cupboard? It’s dark in there…..

Lala said

As long as the jars are sealed and the tea remains dry, it is fine. I store my tea in clear mason type jars and keep them in a closed cupboard.

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oh perfect. it’s the easier sort of jar/container to find for cheap.

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