Anyone in Ontario try 'Be Teas' brand tea before??

My husband got me a Tea of the Month subscription from there for my birthday. They are in London Ontario, apparently the owner is a sommelier. I was surprised to see nothing listed on Steepster!

I know my hubby did his research to find a reputable company and according to the website ( they value quality above all else.

Mostly straight teas which kind of makes me nervous but here I go!

Just curious if anyone has heard of them before :)

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Scion said

Never heard of em! But since you mentioned it, I had to go and order some samples and a tin from them. =D

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A friend of mine knows the woman who owns the place. My friend says the teas are amazing… but my friend also doesn’t know tea very well. shrugs

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Sil select said

looking forward to seeing the reviews :)

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I havent heard any reviews on this place yet but it looks really good. I was checking out a few places in London(its my hometown) to visit next time I’m back home and I didnt see this one(is it online only?). The tea of the month is a great idea to try new teas especially if your not sure if you like straight teas that much. Im looking forward to some reviews!!! When do you expect your first tea to arrive???

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Hmm.. interesting. I love close to there & haven’t heard of them either. Thanks for the info. I’ll def. be reaching out to order some as well :) Can’t wait to read your reviews!

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They send 3 months at a time to save on shipping so I already have my first 3! I will have to review them soon :)

I feel as though I’m not really qualified though, that’s why I haven’t yet. Their teas are simpler than I’m used to – I haven’t really delved into straight teas so far, therefore my basis for comparison is pretty much nil. I wouldn’t want to post a misleading review just because I don’t happen to LOVE straight teas.

I will do my best though!! I’m not sure if the company is online only. I know they seem to pride themselves on quality over flavoring and such so I guess it’s potentially the perfect way to try straight tea!

Uniquity said

I just checked out the black teas on their site (as I am most comfortable with my knowlege of blacks). With a few exceptions they didn’t look like extremely high end teas but if the leaf matches the pictures it should be decent enough. I want to see fuller leaves with minimal dust and breakage when I am looking at quality. They seem to have pretty good looking leaves! :)

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Good to know! I have no idea how to judge stuff like that yet :)

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