I need STEEPSTERS to help me with something...

I’m doing a giveaway on my site today/tomorrow (and also was over the weekend, but my commenting wasn’t working) now I’m lacking entries! Eeeeek!

I have 3 iPhone/iPad Apps to give away on my blog

Would you guys be able to swing by my site and leave a comment on the post (you might just be a winner, too! Chances are REALLY GOOD right now! Because of my Commenting Troubles over the weekend!)

Thanks guys! You are awesome!

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Sil select said

done and done!

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I keep forgetting that your site is blocked for me :p

Why is it blocked????

You’re listed as a ‘malicious site’ according to my work.

Eeeeeek! I wonder if it’s because it’s blogger/blogspot based??? So sorry!

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That app sounds awesome. Sadly, I have a Samsung (though I do love my phone).

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I’d enter, but I’m nowhere near owning a smartphone. It’s nice to see so many other vegetarians & vegans in this community!

Thanks! I will have other contests soon, too! I would LOVE it if you followed me :)

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