Erin said

Request- when adding teas to the database

Hi all!

I have a request. When adding a tea to the database here, along with the description from the tea retailer’s website, could you also add 1) the steeping instructions, and possibly 2) the price?

I have several discontinued teas, like Thousand Mountain Jasmine from Teavana and Chocolate Orange Bliss from Ovation, that you cannot find on their web pages anymore. I would love to also be able to have their original steeping instructions & prices.

Thanks so much!

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+1 to steeping instructions
-1 to price.

momo said

Agreed, prices fluctuate too often to make that worth keeping up on a site with so many teas.

Emily M said


Sil select said


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momo said

If you ever need Teavana’s steeping instructions because they only change depending on the type of tea and not the specific kinds beyond that:

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James R said

I’d also like to add a request for leaf to water ratio in grams not teaspoons!

darby select said

Problem is US uses tsp and Canada and such use grams … It’s not the same eveywhere.

Emily M said

Some tea companies don’t list in grams, so that makes it hard. Especially if the person doesn’t have a scale…

Lala said

Teaspoons can be a problem too. Because Teavana uses teaspoons as a measure but they use Teavana’s perfect teaspoon which is not the same as a metric teaspoon measurment. And Davids perfect teaspoon is different than Teavana’s. I don’t think it is possible to standardize things among all the different companies.

Emily M said

True. Everything is a bit different.

yssah said

i just use the standard measuring tsp that everybody has in the house

To those that use gram…do you always weight out there tea all the time? How do you make it fast and simple like using the tsp?

James R said

@GiggleGoddess I have a digital scale at home. I put my teapot or gaiwan on the scale and tare to zero. Then fill it with the desired amount of tea. That’s when I drink my good tea at home. When I am at work, I approximate with teaspoons, the teas I drink at work aren’t as expensive/high quality because every freakin time I make a fresh cup, the phone either rings or someone comes in the office!

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