free sample on Medium-roasted Wuyi Da Hong Pao Rock Oolong tea, by JK Tea Shop

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Hi Vincent.

The cost is the same. USD1.7.
If you are interested, pls arrange the delivery cost soon. We will deliver all the samples tomorrow.
Our paypal account is [email protected]
Thank you.

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Hi Vincent,

Sent already. You are expecting to receive around 15 days. Would like hear your feedbacks soon.


I’m in the same boat as Cait, if there are more available, I’d like to participate — but someone else should get a chance over me if there are too many signing up as I got in on the last one.

Hi Morgana,

Pls arrange the delivery cost as to the same receiver like last time. Thank you.

Sent, thanks!

Hi Morgana,

Your sample has been sent out today. Pls let me know when you receive it. Have a nice weekend.

JK Tea Shop

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for your interests and participation on the free samples. Now this promotion is over. I am looking forward to your feedbacks after you taste the teas.

JK Tea Shop.

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Has anyone had theirs arrive yet? Mine hasn’t.

Hi Morgana,

Pls wait for a few more days. I guess the volcanic ash delays some of the flights. I think they are on their way.

If you have not received it after 5 days. Pls contact me directly via Email. We can figure out another solution.

Thanks, will do. I think it’s been about 15 days as of today, so I wasn’t really worried yet. Just curious as to whether others had theirs so I could see what they’re saying in reviews.

Cait select said

My sample just got here today! I don’t know why this one took so long when my other sample arrived so quickly, but I’m just excited to try it now….

Mine has arrived, too — it arrived a couple of days ago. Haven’t had a chance to crack it open yet.

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Lori said

Hmmm. so it may take a while to arrive… I was tempted to order some samples directly from this company….

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