Huzzah! Hugo Tea Spring Sale (Over)

Well, why not have a sale?

We won’t belabor the point—all Hugo Tea is 30% off through Friday (or until it’s all sold out).

Happy Tea-Drinking to All!


Thanks to all for the great support during the Spring Sale. As always—Steepsterites come through in a pinch. This is why we love tea, and tea-drinkers.

Cheers to all.

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Cavocorax said

Oooh you almost had me, until I realised there was no ship to Canada option.

They’re out of the only one i’m interested in. I’m not about to buy blended blacks from an unknown tea company when they won’t post what types of tea are in it.

@yappychappy. Greetings! Morning’s Journey is indeed a blend. The “More Info” button on all of the teas (including the greens), shows the region and harvest period and other details.

The Morning’s Journey blend isn’t a secret—it includes Organic Darjeeling, Organic Dianhong Yunnan, and Organic High Grown Ceylon Black Teas. Even though it is our most popular tea (see this review:, we are tweaking the current formulation this spring.

Cheers and thanks for the comment!

ashmanra said

Yappychappy: I have had four of their five teas and found them to be high quality. If you would like to try one, send me your addy and I will send you a sample. I even have the one that is sold out right now! :) I have both greens, the white, and Organic Morning’s Journey.

Thanks for the info! Sorry to be a grouch

@yappychappy, it’s ok to be grouchy about tea.

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Sil select said

Ill have to take a look, I’ve heard good things. Cavo, if I place an order ill let you know. My tea mule will bring it up to Canada and I could send it your way.

Cavocorax said

That’s great Sil. I was eyeing the morning journey tea, if you do decide to order, but no pressure!

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ashmanra said

Fortunately, I have lots of Bai Mu Dan right now, but do tell if you will be getting it back in when you get the new tins! It is probably my favorite of your teas, and is a really great BMD!

Oh yes—Bai Mu Dan is my favorite non-black tea. It’ll be sticking around. There may be a hand-crafted earl gray, too. :-)

ashmanra said

Thank you so much, Hugo Tea!

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I just now noticed – your site says “Kansas City.” Do you have a streetfront presence or only online?

ashmanra said

I am sure they will answer soon, Nicole, but their Facebook page shows their products for sale in a shop!

Whoohoo! I see a shopping trip coming… Thanks, Ashmanra.

Hi Nicole,

We do not have our own storefront—or we would invite you! We sell in several specialty stores and grocery stores in the KC area.

Would you share where some of those locations might be? Cosentinos downtown, maybe?

Cosentino’s Downtown is onboard—but we haven’t got it on the shelf yet. Same thing with several Hen Houses down south and some HyVees in Liberty.

So, at this very moment—the retail locations are Nature’s Own on Main, Green Acres Market in Braircliff Village, and Mildred’s Coffeehouse in the Crossroads.

Online is your best bet right now.

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I wondered about Green Acres – I love that store. And yay for Hen Houses and Liberty HyVee. :) Thanks for the leads. :)

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looseTman said

Hey Tyler,
Great article! Now that it’s June, when will we see your new expanded line of teas?



Good question—we are waiting (alas) on our Organic Certifier. They are being nit-picky about labeling. All of the tea is stacked high in our warehouse though.

Thanks for the compliment. Hold your breath a bit longer. :-)


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looseTman said

Thanks for the update. I’ve read many very positive comments about your teas. “Good things come to those who wait.”

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