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I know not many of you will read this, but It’s past 2 AM, I can’t sleep at all, so might as well do something fun that won’t disturb the sleep of my significant other!

Getting me started on tea and music might be a mistake, I could write on the subject for days and fill this post’s entire space! I’ll try to restrict myself to a minimum…

I’ve been inspired lately to drink good tea while listening to this astonishing artist, Woodkid , he is simply mesmerizing:

Also, love to pair the beautiful voice of Agnes Obel to a delicate tea, pure bliss:

Having dreamy tea to go with dreamy electronica sound of Hooverphonic :

Letting tea and *Sharon Van Etten’s * lyrics play their magic cause sometimes, that’s what you need to keep going:

Dark Shoegaze transcendent music from True Widow , for introspective tea moments:

Getting the best tea buzz ever, trippin’ on this Massive Attack’s masterpiece, it just never gets old:

Electronica flirting with Dubstep at 4:06 on this Deadmau5 ’s track, for energizing tea moments:

Having a soothing tea with the sultry voice of David Poe , after a romantic evening and a few glasses of wine.

If you don’t already know from a previous post, strong tea and The Black Keys will have me clean the entire house in no time:

Sipping on my most prized tea, listening to Nina Simone …Just because she’s Nina and no one will ever sound as good as she does on this:

And If I’m reading while having tea ( I always do!) I listen to classical. Bach is probably my favorite. Isabelle Faust rendition of this partita is one of the best in my opinion:

And the list goes on and on and on… Sorry for the lack of self control, hope some of these pieces will inspire a few Steepsterites :-)

(I’m also posting this on another popular tread about this topic, cause that’s how enthusiast I am about sharing music with others…)

RiverTea said

The first 3 of them have surely inspired me to smile more this morning, though the weather outside isn’t friendly at all. You’re a life savior! Thanks for sharing!

Yay rivertea, glad this helped toning down the bad weather vibe for you!
(forgot to mention that Lana Del Rey and Vivaldi are also favorites of mine, you have good taste! Never heard of Blackmore’s Night, just googled them, sounds interresting!)

RiverTea said

Thanks TheTeaFairy! You have awesome music tastes yourself. I discovered Blackmore’s Night through a dear friend of mine. I just love their traditional folk rock music. My personal favorite from them is “Shadow of the Moon”, here’s the link:

Love your choice of music. I’m going to have to click through on the ones I haven’t heard of. I love Nina Simone! She is just amazing. I think Sinnerman has to be my favorite song. Just so much passion in that song.

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Butiki, I agree, Sinnerman is awesome. You probably heard that remix, right?

It’s really good!

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The Big Come up by The Black Keys.

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Having green silver jasmine, listening to Calixico’s Sunken Waltz. Makes me want to leave everything behind and run to the ocean… And slowly sip on my tea, just chilling…such a beautiful inspiring melody:

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Nerys said

Evening tea with Gershwin music.

Sounds great :-)

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PaddyB said

For my first morning cup of green tea, I like to sit on the couch while listening to either some traditional Japanese shamisen music or Tuvan (central asian) folk rock (my favourite band at the moment is Huun Huur Tu ). It puts me in a semi – meditative state, perfect for planning the day.

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Can’t help revive this old post…been listening to the wonderful Agnes Obel on repeat this morning…

Tea pairing: Fujian Black from Whispering Pines

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Ubacat said

I had a good pairing awhile ago. Teavivre’s Bi Luo Chun and Lovers from the House of Flying Daggers Soundtrack with Kathleen Battle singing. Of course, that song goes nicely with any of my greens or oolongs.

I’m going to have to play that soundtrack with teas now.

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My new tea music, because I’m weird…

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