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Check out our sales and specials section! All teas in this section are 40% off! Get ’em while you can! http://www.dellaterrateas.com/sales-specials/

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How long is that good for, and when will more Lemon Chiffon come in? I just put in my first order a few days ago.

There are a few 2 and 4 oz sizes available of Lemon Chiffon. This sale will go until all are sold out :)

yssah said

are they being discontinued?

Yes, the ones under sales & specials will be unavailable until next holiday season except for Griottes and Love in a Cup. Also, we will be releasing a non shamrock sprinkle version of Shamrocks & Shenanigans within a few days.

Ooh, thanks for the warning! I was going to wait to order the cinnamon crackle, but now i better hop on it!

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Katiek said

Placed an order. I love some of the teas in this sale, so might as well stock up

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Sorry, I’m just really excited. I was debating ordering more not because I really need it at this time but because I was sad that it would be gone. But now I’m happy to know it’s coming back in another form. Yay!

It is SO good. Fabulous job with that one.

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Quick question: does the griottes tea contain dairy? I did look at the allergy FAQ (chocolate flavors contain soy and/or dairy) but wanted to know if you knew for certain.

Hi Adagio Breeze~
Yes, the chocolate bits contain dairy.

d’oh! Thanks for letting me know :)

You’re welcome:)

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