How Weird Would It Be To Create a _________ Tea?

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There needs to be more fig tea. And I’ve been wondering how lychee would taste a red tea. Maybe mangosteen or dragonfruit as well.

If that isn’t different enough… quiche tea.

Erin said

Fig tea- yes! I love figs. Used to have a fig tree when I was a kid- there was nothing as good as a real tree-ripened fig right off the branch. I would love to see a high-quality fig tea.

graceatblb said

Love figs. I have been dreaming of a fig and vanilla bean or perhaps a fig and brown sugar and honey tea but haven’t quite found it yet.

@graceatblb – I have a bit of Ovation’s Brown Sugar Fig if you want it.

graceatblb said

@Starfevre- Thank you so much. That sounds lovely. I would love to try some. I just followed you.

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