Re-steeping and caffeine

I’m on my 3rd resteep of laoshan village chai and I definitely don’t need anymore caffeine. Am I correct in assuming that most of the caffeine comes out in the 1st steep and is pretty minimal in the following ones?

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Wow! That is an eye opening read! Looks like I’ve been wrong all these years. Crazy!

Thanks for posting!

You’re welcome!

Today I was just listening to Kevin Gascoyne’s WTE talk on caffeine and antioxidants and other health studies on tea. He took a number of his teas and did caffeine and antioxidant analysis on them. What’s different then most tests is that the tea is brewed like it would be in real life. The findings were really interesting. I was definitely surprised about a few things. I had always heard that Hojicha was low in caffeine but not in his findings. The main point that I take away from that talk is that each tea is different and it seems pretty impossible to make general assumptions.

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