Favorite teas or other remedies for fighting a cold?

I’m getting bombarded by this years cold and flu season and all my usual tricks are failing. What are your favorite teas to drink or tricks for fighting all the garbage going around?

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yssah said

here ya go…a few threads here on that. dont remember what’s in em anymore tho!


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Davidstea’s Organic Cold 911 :)

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It’s been a crazy cold & flu season! I work with Chinese Medicine and specialize in the treatment of colds/flus. I use Yin Chiao at the first sign of a cold or for preventative measures and it works most of the time to keep a cold at bay so I don’t get it full-on. Its a life saver.

I also make a ginger brew when I’ve got a cold or flu and it helps to flush out the cold, with sore throat, fever, energy. It makes a loose syrup that I mix with water and honey to make a concoction. You can play with the amount of ingredients depending on your preference.

Ingredients: grated ginger, lemon, honey, water, minced garlic, turmeric, a pinch of cayenne.

Take good care. :)

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This isn’t tea related but it keeps me healthy. I take high quality probiotics, eat fermented foods, and stay away from sugar. I’ve read that 70-80% of your immune system is in your gut so its important to keep the good bacteria active. Using that logic, maybe puerh would be helpful.

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