Help with choosing Matcha colors and flavors

I’m new to flavored matchas and got my first order a few days ago. So far I’ve had 2 with the green base (grapefruit & english toffee) and 1 with black base (french butter cookie).

I LOVED the green ones, which was unexpected for the toffee. I knew I’d like the toffee flavor, but wasn’t sure about mixing with the green. I only ordered it that way because you have to have the same base for the 3+1 deal, but I’m so glad I did.

The black one was only so-so. I don’t know if I just didn’t like the butter cookie flavor or the black base. Maybe it would be better in green?

What are your favorites in each color? They are pretty pricey so I’d rather have some guidance vs trying to guess and there are sooooo many choices!

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I’m really enjoying the caramel with the black base, but the belgian chocolate with the black base is only so-so for me. The black base has been really finicky for me, hard to finesse so that it tastes as well as it can. About half the time, it tastes blah and the other half great.

My favourites with the green base are champagne and black cherry.

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I think the classic green matcha is pretty much the tastiest option for all flavors. I do enjoy the white one as well for more delicate flavors, but still, green is better. Just my tastebuds talking. :)

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