Starting a Tea Lounge?

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Tea-Guy said

I’ve been working on just this topic for close to 18 months. I think I have the perfect location picked out, and the perfect theme/topic. My business plan is progressing and my marketing style is in development. My only real issue now is capital limitation.

Thanks to Annelise for the Yahoo! Groups link. That’s neat.

I would love to talk to anyone about starting tea businesses, so please feel free to contact me.

I am also looking into starting my own store front, currently brand new to the online tea store, so much info out there it is hard at times to know what direction and info to take in :) what area are you in Tea-guy?

Tea-Guy said

I am located in Cincinnati, Ohio STB. Where do you hail from?

Seattle :)

Tea-Guy said

Yeah? I have an uncle down in Columbia City. I like Seattle.

Yes it is nice here, lots of coffee shops here, not a TON of tea shops (while there are a few) I am hoping one day to change that ! Starbucks city for sure here in Seattle but I believe with the same type of atmosphere and great product it could be a Tea city :)

Tea-Guy said

With the Starbucks ownership of Tazo you have a road ahead of you on that one. The more you fight, the more they’ll fight. So long as you remain scrappy and target your niche you’ll do very well!

Yes I know , they only thing with that is their tea selection thus far is not HUGE … and it is not loose leaf. I mean no one can beat out starbucks, I dont think i would want to even try lol. Honestly starbucks is one of my favorite places to sit and watch people, enjoy the atmosphere and enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee… it would be nice to have a shop (just one though) like it but just with loose leaf tea. We will see… time , money and a partner in crime will be key to this happening for me.

Tea-Guy said

I wish you the best of luck! I do recommend contacting SCORE ( to meet with a free experienced business advisor and see about getting yourself started.

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Another dead thread resurrected; nice! This brings up another subject that has been of interest to me, how online tea culture includes the theme of people taking up tea and then dropping it. It’s interesting to visit old and inactive tea blogs to see that life-cycle play out; early enthusiasm and curiosity, ramping up to more grounded knowledge and personal connections, then tapering off to inactivity.

I clicked to the two people mentioning starting tea businesses profiles here and both went quiet years ago, with one related business link not working, and no mention of tea in a public profile for one. I guess it could serve as a warning about starting a tea business but I take it as something else, as an image of people’s shifting interests.

Babble said

Well I think this is true of any interest. A lot of people will get excited early on but then their interest may dwindle.

Also interesting how the guy above us said “not many tea shops in Seattle”. My, my how that has now changed.

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