Stranded with no tea.

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Lala said

I am HOME. Hooray!!!

First of all big thanks to the highway crews for going out in dangerous conditions and clearing the roads. And to the police and RCMP for keeping everyone who was stranded safe, and even though it makes me mad, for closing the highway when it wasn’t safe to drive.

A second huge thank you and hugs to my steepster family for keep me sane.

Things to do now that I am at home:

1. make tea.
2. drink tea.
And in somewhat, but no particular order:
- change into clothes that I was not wearing yesterday
- shovel mountains of snow. Lousy smarch weather
- drink lots of tea
- take a shower
- drink more tea
- eat something that is not from a restaurant
- take a nap
- drink tea while getting my swaps ready
- buy something online to make myself feel better (the feeling is
only temporary, then once the feeling fades, buy more)
- unthaw my frozen verdant order, drink tea all night.
- sleep, in a bed

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