Woman drinks tea made from 100 tea bags a day, gets rare bone disease...WHAT

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sandra said

sorry to be so blunt, but she should get her head checked as well.

no ‘normal’ person in the world would do this.

yssah said

um, ryt…

Lynxiebrat said

Well…I personally don’t believe in the word ‘normal’ and I am sure many so called ‘normal’ people would consider us insane.

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Dr Jim said

I had an interesting conversation with a friend from Russia. She says that in her family they make an extremely strong pot of tea (maybe not 100 bags, but many) and then dilute it to taste with hot water from the Samovar. Perhaps this woman just forgot the second step?

Fiddling said

Iranian families also make tea like this. They will make a very strong pot of black tea (often Ceylon) and allow it to steam/keep warm on top of a samovar while it steeps for 10-15 minutes. Typically there is only a tbsp or two of tea in the pot. The tea is then diluted when it comes time to serve. While it sounds like the tea would be the most god-awful astringent mess, it actually end up pretty smooth.

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It should be said, to anyone who regularly consumes a fair amount of tea beverage, that if you are concerned about fluoride, you can at least eliminate using a toothpaste that contains fluoride. It is added to most brands, so that is not easy to find these days. But a good, and I might think a necessary trade-off for those who love their tea.

I thought of this immediately the first time I read that tea naturally has fluoride in it. Dr Oz did an article about it. So anything he does is often discussed at the shop by my customers. Eliminating fluoride in toothpaste is easy enough. You do not need to have it in toothpaste if you are drinking some.

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100 teabags – how does she sleep at night *

- I’ll get my coat

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