A Teapot Full Of ...?

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Frolic select said

80% of the time I steep in my breville one touch and 20% in my make shift gong fu.

looseTman said

Which tea do you most enjoy brewing in your breville one touch? Thanks.

Frolic select said

Whatever I’m thirsty for!

Basically anything that I want fewer than 3 infusions of. If I want more than that I’m not going to attempt western style.

I use my Breville for anything I want more than one cup of at a time. Only up to 3 steepings. Anything I want less of goes into a gravity infuser. Also going into the gravity infuser is things that my Breville wouldn’t steep well, as in rooibos is frequently too tiny and escapes the brew basket and then drinking it is not so pleasant.

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Erin said

Hello ColonialCommoner! Welcome to Steepster! I have a few teas that you may like that I would be happy to share with you, if you would like. I still remember the thrill of the first loose-leaf teas I tried, just watching them unfurl in the mug! To this day I still only use an infuser, pot, or mug in which I can watch the leaves as they steep. Just send me a PM if you want.

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Anyanka said


I steep Upton’s Finest Russian Caravan in a teapot every time. It’s the one tea that my partner always wants to share, so I know that we’ll drink a full pot between us.

If it is a tea I enjoy iced, I’ll use a pot and chill the leftover tea or brew a second steep for work the next day. Otherwise, I usually use a basket infuser to make one mug and a resteep or two.

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Lindsey said

I typically make my loose leaf teas just one cup/mug at a time, and I think the most foolproof way to do it is using a steeper like the IgenuiTEA, DT’s the Steeper, etc. They give the leaves plenty of room to fully unfurl, and it’s fun to watch! But if I had only a teapot in which to brew, I would have to go with an herbal, like Forever Nuts, because it’s practically impossible to oversteep.

Doing just one or two mugs at a time works best for me because I like to switch-up the teas I drink in a day. I drink tea all day long, so it’d get boring if I stuck to just one kind! The only time I use an actual pot is when I can manage to convince someone to share with me, which, sadly, isn’t very often. I need to find more tea-lovin’ friends, apparently!

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Linda said

I usually use the Ingenuitea from Adagio teas; it brews up exactly enough for a standard mug, which is generally all I want at one time. But, if I plan to share the tea with someone else, or drink the same tea for a few hours without needing to get up and go make some more, I’ll brew in my Brown Betty. Most frequently, I brew a pot of PG Tips on weekends for breakfast, Reichenbach Recovery from Adagio when I have certain company, and Baker Street Afternoon when I’m busy trying to either get something written or get something read.

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