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I just put my first order in with Highwave for the Neo Brewfish. The company has cups/tumblers that can brew or just hold hot/cold liquids. Some of their products (the tea ones) have this awesome feature where it completely stops the brewing process so you don’t have to worry about over steeping your tea – press style. Their product descriptions from product to product are confusing…but I think they all have mostly the same things…just read the details before picking your product. I think the “tea” specific products have the “good seal” but the coffee ones have mesh instead but I’m not sure. I haven’t emailed the company since I’m too antsy to get my first piece of teaware since starting this crazy loose leaf tea journey.

I haven’t seen ANYTHING posted on Steepster about this company and I thought I’d share. They look functional and fabulous! I’m surprised no one has talked about them before. I can’t even remember where I found out about this company…it was some tea blog or website that was just happentence that I came by because unless you have the EXACT name of the product (brewfish…not teafish or fish tea press, lol) you won’t find it! I hope if any of you Steepsters out there make a purchase with them that you come back and tell us about your experience with the product. You can also find some of their products on Amazon but shipping seems cheaper through Highwave’s website…and also some products are only available through Highwave (like the Neo Brewfish which they only made 300 of). Thanks for listening!

Here’s the company’s website…

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I just got my Brewfish in the mail yesterday and tested it out today at work. My work space consists of a emergency room on wheels (ambulance) so it is tough to get hot water (let alone the right temp) all the time.

First off- I like the design and the way the BF fits in my hand. It feels solid and is very minimal for parts. The plunger is a soft rubber and the container is a double wall glass. I had it in my lunch pail today and did notice that the rubber on the plunger will pick up scents ( i had a banana aroma on the unit for a while today).

I started off with filling it up about 7/8 ths of the way with water and brought it to a boil in the microwave and then added some Lapsang. By placing the plunger just past the rim to seal in the heat I did notice that it will tend to lean and slide into the cup if you do not keep a watchful eye on it (not a big deal). I let the souchong steep for the time needed and gently pressed the plunger down to the bottom. I did have a very small amount of sediment come up, you can release the plunger and do it again to try to keep the leafs down. After the plunger seated it amazingly kept the tea in the bottom and did not add any bitterness to the finished product which I thought for sure it would continue steeping turning out way too strong or bitter. It did keep at a good temp for about 45 mins. I would say the cleaning of it is a breeze, a touch of water in the bottom loosens up the tea from the bottom and it comes right out. I did find out that anything more than 1.5-2 scoops of tea in the bottom will not compress enough for the plunger to do its job and keeps the top cap from seating. Drinking from it is clean and simple. I would recommend it to anyone that needs to steep on the go, but it does take some patience and time. Overall i give it a 7/10.

what was the exact model name? does it have the silicone on the bottom? how many ounces does it hold?

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Erin said

Just a note about borosilicate glass-

It is by far superior to regular kitchenware in terms of exposure to heating and cooling, for use with tea. I love it for that. It is the long-term standard in laboratories for a reason!

But there is a trade-off. It is also a lot more brittle than regular kitchenware glass. It is more expensive to produce, and product design tends to be thinner-walled rather than thick. From what I can see on the highwave website, it is thin.

For example, a few years ago, I had a brand-new borosilicate cup/mug (actually a laboratory beaker being used as a mug). I had it in the sink, filled with soapy water & soaking. My husband was not aware of the special care it needed, and he put a metal knife in it to soak. He did not throw it in, just dropped it in, as you could easily do with any other regular glassware. Well, it was enough force to crack the bottom (note- borosilicate glass does tend to crack/snap, not shatter like regular glass. So when it breaks, it is a lot less messy & safer!)

But I would still recommend it to purchase. I do not want to deter anyone from it, just make everyone aware that it does take a little more gentle handling. From my experience here in the lab, the silicon base added to a lot of the Highwave products will go a loooong way in protecting the glassware from the most common breakage incidents.

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Erin said

Okay- one more side note- then I promise to shut up.

I see on the website where they incorrectly compare their products to Pyrex.

Pyrex is no longer made with borosilicate glass. Corning sold off the brand a while ago, and current manufacturers have opted to go with the less expensive, less durable soda lime glass. So if you want the good old stuff, you have to look in thrift stores or eBay. Wikipedia has a good side-by-side comparison picture to tell the difference (

No worries…chat away:) I like learning more information everyday:) And a gal from the company emailed me that they don’t have the Neo Brewfish that I ordered so I could choose whatever item I wanted no matter the price:) I would have loved to get the most expensive thing BUT…I was looking for a one serving glass and not something bigger b/c I already purchased my Contiga for on the go. So I told her that I’d like the Brewfish Javaa Tea (8oz). If anyone is interested in the differences between the TEAfish and Brewfish let me know because I had the gal clue me in to what the differences were, lol!

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teapot1 said

Crazy and interesting looking contraption!

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