Bluebird Tea Co. - New on here (free samples)


We’re new on here (thanks for the intro KittyLovesTea).

I’m really keen to see what people on here think of our teas so I thought I would send out some samples if anyone is interested in giving them a try and letting me know what you think?

To tell you who we are – We’re a pretty young, happiness spreading, UK based tea company trying to do something different with tea.

So if anyone in the UK would like to give our teas a try, send me a message with your address.

If you want to have a look on our steepster page ( or website ( and let me know what you fancy I’ll try and send what you suggest, or if you like surprises then even better!

If I get millions of requests, I might not be able to make everyone happy so it’ll be first come first served (there are just the 2 of us at the moment and obviously not a huge budget!).

If anyone wants to dive straight in to order a couple then even better, I’ll even give you 10% off any teas by entering ‘steepster’ as a discount code on checkout.


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Hey, the strawberry lemonade sounds great. Great website too, affordable prices. This is a fantastic idea!

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Just realised Krisi (the other half of Bluebird) is actually playing with the website so apologies if you go on and it’s doing all sorts of funny things!

Zacherywolf7 – I’ll pass on that she’s doing a great job!

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Lala said

Are you giving free samples just within the UK, or are you shipping them internationally as well?

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Just the UK at the moment although we’re hoping to ship internationally fairly soon so you’ll be the first to know!

Sil select said

Can’t wait for that!

Josie Jade said

I second that!

Tealizzy said

Ya, me too!

Ooh please ship internationally.

We do now! So many people were saying that on here that I sorted it out…

Sweet! So how can we get free samples?

The free samples were just last week I’m afraid, but we do send out samples with all orders.

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Mike, Welcome to Steepster. Keep us posted on international shipping. Your website does look great!

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Ramvling said

Unfortunately I’m in the US, but those are some fantastic looking flavors. I’ll keep you guys in mind when I’m making my next tea order. =) That is, whenever you start shipping internationally.

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let us know when you can ship internationally! You got an interesting line up of teas that I wanna try!

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Lynxiebrat said

The Earl Paradise looks especially interesting! Can’t wait til your shipping international:)

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Novi said

As an American I regret checking out your website and seeing all of the delicious things I cannot have.


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teapot1 said

USA here~I ditto all the above sentiments!!!!!!!!!!

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