Bluebird Tea Co. - New on here (free samples)

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We now have international shipping available through our website!

To place an order simply order through our website (, we send out a selection of free samples with all orders and are offering a 10% discount on our teas to Steepster members. – Just enter ‘steepster’ as a coupon code at checkout.

I promised free samples originally and will extend that to international customers. Sadly I will need to ask you for a payment to cover the cost of shipping. To do this just order the following (free) product through the website and checkout as usual:

Looking forward to sending out our first international shipments!

Any problems, you can get hold of me on here or through the email in the last post.


Lala said

Thanks so much for the international shipping!!!! Will be ordering shortly.

Thanks you guys for wanting it! Just had our first international order which is very exciting!

Might have been me. Love Potion and samples?

YAY!!!! Thanks!

lteg select said

You guys didn’t waste any time adding international shipping — very cool! I’ve maxed out my tea budget for the week, but I’m looking forward to trying some samples and placing a real order later :)

momo said

The one thing I do like about Paypal is they have really fair exchange rates especially if you would likely be charged a foreign transaction fee, yay! Ordered samples and another tea!

Love potion was 2nd I’m afraid Starfevre, close though! All will be going out today (the lady at the post office will be getting a shock!)

Ramvling said

Wow! You guys are awesome!

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Tealizzy said

Thank you! Just ordered Vicky’s sponge cake and samples! Yay!

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I’m stupid excited to place an order today, your flavors look so good

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darky said

never used paypal before, anything i need to know about making a account for the transactions? going to use a regular visa card

Did paypal let you checkout without registering? Just checking it’s the same for international customers…

darky said

i had to make an account. But a well maybe its good for future use. Received samples today! So i’m going to check then out soon. Got one other sample from nina’s i’m going to do first and then its up to the little blue bird! I did like to say i like the small stiched packages where the tea is packaged in!

glad you like them, they’re a right pain to do but better than using little zip bags or something which might not get through customs!

darky said

are your big bags packed like this to?

No, the big bags have tin ties to make them resealable. There are some pics of them on the front page of our website (on the rotating thingy)

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Jackie T – Super excited to receive it!

Darky – all pretty self explanatory. But it should allow you to make a payment without registering. Just select the ‘pay by debit or credit card’ option below the log in (assuming that is available for international orders)

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Cavocorax said

Thanks for setting up the international shipping! I just ordered Vicky’s sponge cake and the samples.

Your prices are very reasonable – I think the shipping fees are very comparable to ordering from the US, so those US stores have got some competition! :P

Looking forward to reviewing the samples – wish you the best of success.

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Azzrian said

I LOVE that you offer an Elderflower tea! I can’t wait to have a tea budget again to try some!

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yay! thank you for this :)

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Tealizzy said

Got my samples and Vicky’s sponge cake today! Yippee!!

sweeet! Mine should be here soon then!

I got mine the other day. Thanks so much, Mike!

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No worries. Hope you like them!

We’ve sent out a fair few samples to get people going over the last week so we are going to end that offer. BUT we always send out samples with every order, so anyone who orders something from us will get a small selection as an added bonus.

Hopefully a few more reviews will start to appear on our steepster pages to help you out deciding!

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