Tea Inventory app for iPhone

I just wondered if anyone on steepster used this Tea App for iPhone? If so, what do you think of it? I haven’t downloaded it yet but thought it looked pretty cool.


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Azzrian said

I gave up timers and teaspoons – these days I use the palm of my hand and my internal time clock lol

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haha. I don’t blame you. This is more than a timer though. It allows you keep your tea inventory on your phone and deducts it as you make cups of tea, so you know how much you have left.

Azzrian said

Oh dang that is COOL – but knowing me I would forget to use it and get my inventory all out of wack anyway. It sounds really cool though!

It does look pretty nifty, but I’m gonna pass for now, as it would create one more thing for me to ‘do’. :)
You should test it out, Marcel, then you can let us all know what you think!

I wish it tied into Steepster’s database because then it would be more efficient. Otherwise, you have to set up each tea.

Exactly! I’ve already got a long enough ‘to do’ list! Still, it looks like an interesting program to explore, maybe…eventually…:)

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Andie select said

I really like the idea of the tracking aspect of this app. Going to try it out and see how I like it in practice. Though idk if I’m going to have time to add all of the teas I currently own…

Andie, let us know what you think :-)

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Dinosara said

I downloaded this quite a while ago and used it for maybe a month before I stopped. I felt like I was duplicating everything (notes, etc) on there and on Steepster. The inventory is nice but like any inventory it’s hard to keep updated unless you weigh everything.

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