FREE tea samples!

Dear community,

From now on, at every order gets free 3 tea samples!

Free worldwide shipping available!


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Hallieod said

Signal boost.

Not only are they free samples, but they’re generous, 10g samples in heavy, resealable pouches.

And they didn’t send anything I’d got before with my second order, though I’d got quite a few sample size teas on my first order! :)

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Cavocorax said

Next time I’m ready for an order, I’ll try you guys out. :) Too bad I missed your last sale.

No worries, we will definitely have some good offers in the near future too. :)

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Katiek said

Just placed an order – nice to be able to try a number of different flavors with small sizes.

Sil select said

I like that the samples are big enough for a couple of cups worth as well :)

Thank you for your order Katiek! And we are very glad you love our tea sample sizes!

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