Can anyone help Tea Newbie ID this tea?

So, my boss (born in China) gave me two tins of green tea after learning of my new interest & telling her about this forum. She says they’re from a Province near where she was born, and said they are ‘Dragon Well’ tea. I’m guessing this is the brand?? A search on this site lists many tea varieties that include this name…

One tin has only Chinese characters. The other has the following info on the back of tin:

Product name:Tao Feng Bai Cha
Manufacturer: Jiangsu Taofeng tourism agricultural development Co LTD
Address: Dashi mountain Liyang City Jiangsu Province (also on the 2nd tin) offers surprisingly little help

My boss does not care for tea herself, and so can offer no other info. I’d like to add these teas to my cupboard, but I cant find them on Steepster & I’m too cowardly to add them. Is it possible for me upload a photo to my dashboard?

I realize I’ve not provided much to go on, but would love to find out what I have…

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Dragonwell is a type of green tea –

I’m sorry I’m not able to help further… It’s a shame the website is flash based, otherwise a lot more of it would be able to be translated.

I was viewing on an iPad & nothing displayed. Curse you, Flash content! I should have looked it up on my laptop, but it doesn’t sound like it would have helped me. Thanks for the Wiki link

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yyz said

The top most box on the right hand side links you to the tea site on that website.
this link may provide you with a picture you could use for the database

When I ran the site through a translator it said tao feng (Tao Peak)is a brand name of Tianmuhu bai cha( white tea). Here is a link that may give you some more information on that type of tea

As for the other tea someone here may be able to help you with the translation. A lot of people share photos here by uploading it to a photo sharing website, instagram etc and then provide a link in their post.

Thank you so much. I’m having network connectivity issues with my one Non-Mac device (figures). I may have to wait until tomorrow to look them up. I’ll be at work, so my boss can’t come down on me too hard for goofing off, as I’ll be researching HER tea!

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