Glass pitcher for making Iced Tea?

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SimplyJenW said

I am probably the oddball. I brew the tea in my teapot double strength, and add it to ice in my Fiestaware disc pitcher. I love that pitcher for iced tea…. It isn’t clear, but I don’t worry about it cracking.

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ashmanra said

I got the glass Bodum from TJ Maxx! In fact, I bought a second one because they were on sale and I loved them. They are my favorite tea pitcher that I own right now.

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Sil select said

someone on steepster uses mason jars since they have a lid and they’re smaller sized and can be used to have a bunch of various teas in the fridge at one time

DigniTea said

I usually keep two large mason jars in the fridge for cold brewing. Works very well for me.

Uniquity said

Mason jars are the bomb. Maybe I will suggest that to the beau so he can enjoy more flavours at once rather than one large pitcher like we usually do. We currently have 8 mason jars of water in the fridge that we keep cycling through so there is always cold water on hand. :)

I use the mason drinking jars with handles, they’re great for having single servings readily available when I have a large crowd or a very thirsty husband :)

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I actually found a nice, ergonomic 2 qt. glass pitcher at Big Lots last week for around $5. It comes with a lid, it is narrow to fit easily in the fridge, and it is easy to grab with one hand. :)

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