What teas can you not travel without?

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Anyanka said

One of the most fun parts of traveling for me is trying new things (I even get excited to try something new at a rest stop because I am a weirdo), so I usually only pack a few protein bars and feed them to my girlfriend when she gets hangry.

If, however, I were going away on an extended work trip or something equally dull, I’d take a high quality english breakfast blend, Adagio’s decaf strawberry, PG Tips, and a chamomile sleepytime blend.

I like to stay in inns and bed and breakfasts rather than hotels and they’ve had nice selections of bagged teas, usually having a tea station set up 24 hours a day.

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Emily M said

I don’t travel too much, but I do go camping in the Adirondacks in the summer/fall. I used to just bring bagged tea because that’s what I drank before loose leaf found me. I still do bring bags, as it’s easier and faster when camping, but last year I also brought a milk oolong (for those chilly mornings). It worked out alright. This year I’ll probably bring along some Mi Xian Black and for fall camping some Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black…that would be amazing on a brisk morning looking out over the lake. Wish I could cold brew at camp, but that’d be wayyy to complicated. If I could, I’d bring some Watermelon Xylophone! Perfect summer drink!

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Erin said

My factors going in to deciding what to take when travelling:

1) Ease of preparation- so by default some sachets, like Harney & Sons or Republic of Tea.

2) Some variety- a jasmine, a fruity tea, a straight black tea. I never know what kind of taste mood I will be in.

3) Something foolproof, since there is no way to really control temp or accidentally oversteeping- like a green jasmine of fruit tisane.

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mrmopar said

I usually take a kamjove steeper with some menghai pu’erh in it. Most places have some source of hot water and the pu re-steeps well.

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