Oh dear...FREETEA...not again! =D

Ohhhh man, yep…this is about to happen…


It’s so beautiful – you order 1 ounce of something and you get 2 ounces…how crazy is that?!

There are, however, slight limitations — some teas are just too heavenly (and expensive) for me to seal this deal on. The teas that are not included in the double everything sale are listed here:

The Sleeping Bear Blend
Yunnan Dian Hong
Organic Tulsi

…that’s not so bad, huh?

Well, cool! Yes, this is basically 50% off all teas except the 3 listed above. Yes, this is basically the deal that should make you rethink not buying tea because you can never have too much tea. Yes, I’m playing the devil on your shoulder. No, you shouldn’t listen to that angel on your other shoulder…where did not taking a chance ever get anyone? ;)

Tea tea teaaaaa, double tea for everyone!

Sale ends this this Friday, 1 minute before midnight (EST)…or somewhere around then. I won’t take the deal away from you if you order at 6am Saturday morning :)

And I’m looking to make new blends and get new teas in, what does everyone want to see at Whispering Pines?!

Cheers and happiness, love and life,


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Highly recommend checking out Breath of Life in the maté section :)

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momo said

guess i need to yell at my friend to pay me AGAIN

That’d be a good idea! :)

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Nick select said

Urrrgh, all my money goes to the tea.

Tea is life!

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I ordered a few samples and some white tea. Looking forward to trying these!!

Great choices! Enjoy!~

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Cavocorax said

That’s so tempting! Too bad the timing is terrible for me!
I love yours sales pitch though. :P You get points for that.

Points are good! :) When the timing is right, let me know and maybe I can do something for you!

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ChaMei select said

Bummer. I double checked the post to see if there was a code needed but now I’m thinking “FREETEA” wasn’t just a typo. Do I need to email you, Brenden to clarify my order from today to qualify for this offer? I spent so much time between your shop and Steepster reviews that I may have missed the code.

Nope, if you’ve made an order, you will receive double – no code needed :)

ChaMei – I was worried about the same thing. Good to know there wasn’t a code needed.

MissLena said

Happy a code isn’t needed! Just placed my first order, have been meaning to for ages and this sale totally made me give in :D very excited about it though!

Took the plunge and made my first order yesterday.

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teapot1 said

Too good to pass up! I look forward to receiving this order:)!

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Hey everyone,

There was recently a very large amount of orders lost by the postal service (more than 50 shipments), and I have been reblending and resending all of the orders that were lost, yours included. I truly apologize for the inconvenience and long wait time — orders usually ship from me in less than 2 business days, so this is a very important matter to me and my customers. I appreciate all who checked in with me, and I am VERY sorry about the wait. All orders went out again yesterday afternoon, and should arrive early next week. I’m giving a free ounce of tea to all who were affected by this loss. The next time you order, after checkout in the survey, enter the Promo Code “LOSTPACKAGE – (name of tea)”. The only teas this does not apply to is The Sleeping Bear Blend and Yunnan Dian Hong. Once again, I’m very sorry. Have a lovely day!

Cavocorax said

That’s awful. I hope the post office can repay you for the lost merchandise.

Sadly they can’t do anything because I didn’t pay insurance on the packages. Oh well, minor setback!

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