Not an April Fools Joke- 30% off has been continued - Della Terra Teas

5 day Easter sale! Use code DELLA30 at checkout for 30% off your total! Hurry and order now before your favorites sell out! Offer good 3/28 – 4/1

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Does that only work on the Spring teas?

It’s on all teas :)

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Stella select said

I used it for a try me set. Thank you:)

You’re welcome :) Enjoy!

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Lead me not into temptation! (At least not until I clear out my stash some more.)

Hmmmm…. so many GREAT new teas:)

Fine, I got a Try Me pack.

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Gaaaaah, but what I really need is more Lime Chiffon! When will that be back in stock?

It will be ready tomorrow. I went ahead and added the stock tonight:)

Eeeeeeeee! Thank you bunches!

You’re welcome!

Ordered! Yay!

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LovelyTea said

Do you know when or if you will you have more Love In A Cup or Mellow Mango Peach in stock?

The Love in a Cup should be available by Wednesday… the Mellow Mango Peach is available now. Our site must of been updating inventory as you were checking it out! Thanks! :)

LovelyTea said

Thank You! I placed my first order. I can’t wait to try all of the yummy teas.

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Nick select said


Yes, that, that entire thing. That is my response to you and your sale. :|

Any recommendations for someone that’s currently in love with milk oolong and nutty/salty teas? Also been enjoying a bit of genmaicha, sencha, and kukicha lately too. Why does there have to be so much tea, in such a short period of time on saaaaale?! :P

LovelyTea said

I ordered this oolong. It sounds yummy!

agree with the creme de la creme. tastes like salted melted butter. yum.

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I’m trying to order anti-vday treat in my order, but the 40% off doesn’t come up when I go to check out (the point where I am paying). Any thoughts?

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