Tea giveaway celebration of April 23rd-ness

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Shakespeare sampler please!

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amannor said

Please sign me up for the Shirley Temple Drawing.

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Doulton said

And the winners are:

Gmathis for Shirley Temple
Rabs for Shakespeare
Janni for Nabokov

I assigned each person a number based on when you had signed up; I then went to randomizer.org and asked it to select two numbers for each of the Birthday celebrants: the first number is the winner and the second number is the back-up. Interesting factoid: the numbers near the middle tended to be the first numbers and the second numbers were on the periphery.

If the winners cannot accept their prizes, then those who come in second will be recruited ultimately. I’m not sure what ultimately means—perhaps in about a week? Winners please PM me your mailing information.

Rabs said

::Gasps:: ::Faints:: ::Comes to in a haze of tea joy::
Seriously – I did gasp, and now my eyes are getting the tiniest bit teary. Ahem. I can’t wait to write up Shakespearean reviews!!!!!

I also promise to pay this forward in the future (when I have a greater amount of tea to be able to package up & also learn from how Doulton packages up hers. At this point in time I feel more comfortable with this sort of format rather than the TTB. I’m thinking of themes more along the lines of Pop Culture or flat-out Nerddome.

Thank you so much Doulton!

Glamorosi said

Thank you for the contest Doulton, and congratulations to the winners!

Melanie said

Congrats Gmathis, Rabs, and Janni!

Rabs… I was signed up for Shakespeare… I was almost jealous – but reading your post – how can I be jealous of a fellow tea lover that also gets misty eyes over winning tea?? :-) So seriously, Congrats!

Congrats, all!

wooo! congrats to the winners and thanks Doulton for the fun contests!

gmathis said

You don’t know how much that little lift means to me … PM coming your way.

Janni select said

:O blinks I can’t believe it! Wow! I’ll PM you shortly. Sorry I’ve been inactive this past week…work got a little crazy and I was not really online much. What a pleasant surprise! :)

Janni select said

I just want to add here too that both Doulton and Rabs are awesome. :D Doulton for holding this contest, and Rabs for poking me since I’d been offline and letting me know I’d won. I love our little community here. Like Rabs, I hope to be able to pay it forward at some point in the not-too-distant future, too. :D

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Ricky admin said

More winners! Thanks Doulton for drawing out extra names :) If the following people would please PM me so I can send out some tea packages =]

Amannor, PattiM, Lori

Lots of winners today! Congrats all!

that was sweet of you :)

Ricky admin said

I have too much tea :P

that’s a common affliction here it seems

Ricky admin said

I blame the Steepster selects.

Lori said

This is my lucky day!

PattiM said

Unable to check with Steepster until now—-Thanks so much!

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Congrats to all the winners:)

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Jillian said

Congrats you three! :D

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Congrats everyone.

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Rabs said

Thank you so much everyone! I’m really growing to adore the community on Steepster. Aw heck, here come the teary eyes again!

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Congrats to all the winners! Ya’ll must tell us what teas were in the samplers. Curious minds want to know which teas were thought of as such.

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~lauren. said

I too am moved by all this generosity and good will here on Steepster! Congrats to all the partcipants – winners all, for sure!!!!

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