Tea giveaway celebration of April 23rd-ness

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SoccerMom said

Congrats to all the winners! :)

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Garrett said

congrats all you guys :D

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Doulton said

I will be getting out the prizes by the end of this coming week; I placed a couple of orders recently in which I ordered some sampler sizes just for this contest.

You should know that unless you are following me I cannot get in touch with you. If I don’t get the contact information from all the winners by the time I want to send out the packages, you might forfeit your win. I have one winner who has not been in touch yet. Winner, I will give you up to Friday, April 30th at 12 noon to let me know your contact information.

Janni select said

I think I may be the person in question. I’ve not been online all week, until now. I’ve just started following you, but I can’t PM you unless you’re also following me. Aieee. You can e-mail me at ikanaj at gmail dot com if you like? :)

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Lori said

Doulton pulled two more names and I would love to send some packages. The winners are:
Stephanie and Melanie…

As I don’t think we are following each other, please follow me so that you can PM me your mailing info…

Stephanie said

Oh my god, is that my name? Was I chosen? I was just browsing this thread on a whim tonight. Yay!

Rabs said

Woohoo! More winners :D That’s so lovely of you Lori! This is so awesome – congratulations to all!

Melanie said

I thought the same thing Stephanie… I’m Melanie… am I the Melanie picked? How cool! That’s so kind of you Lori!

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Ricky admin said

Congrats all! =]

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This is just a thread full of surprises and generosity :) Congrats all~

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