Mad March Hare Tea Party

We had a Mad March Hare tea party a week ago!

We had Silk Dragon Oolong from The Tea Merchant, Jackfruit Black tea from Mahamosa and Royal Wedding Black tea from Capital Teas. Our treats were confetti egg salad sandwiches, open faced roast beef sandwiches on rosemary crumpets, olive puffs, raspberry cream scones, dodo bird vanilla cake balls and shortbread with Summer Cherry Fig Tea Mousse from Capital Teas.

Summer Cherry Fig tea makes an awesome mousse. :)

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Oh my, what a cool setup! :)

Thanks. :)

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Sil select said

Sooooo jealous! I wanna go to one of your tea parties

I am awaiting my invitation to the next party with bated breath.

You ladies would have long drives. :)

Sil select said

I can do long drives…I wouldn’t be the one driving lol

Well, whenever you get here, you let me know. I can whip up a tea party, stat. :)

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Kaylee said

That looks awesome! The flowery teapot is lovely.

Thank you. Picked that up at Pier One awhile back. I think they still carry it.

Kaylee said

Not only do they still carry it, but this is seriously the website description:
Half of the fun of taking tea is using an interesting teapot. Our hand-painted porcelain Ginger Lily Teapot is “interesting” and then some. (The other half of the fun is wearing a crazy hat and chatting with your friends.)

Guess it was more fitting than I knew!

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Wow, that looks amazing! Also, I’m so glad you were having our Jackfruit Delight tea :)

It was very popular. :) I had to order more since I used up all of mine for the party and plus, someone else wanted some, too!

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