Flavrbox needs your help with a subscription tea box!

Hello tea lovers. Flavrbox needs your help!

Flavrwho? In an nutshell: Flavrbox is a gourmet box subscription service. We were featured in the Guardian as the #1 food and drinks gift of 2012, and have been going from strength to strength ever since. If you’re interested in finding our more, visit our home on the web: www.flavrbox.com.

Our next big project is a tea box, and this is where we turn to the experts of the Steepster community. If you have a spare couple of minutes, we’d love it if you could fill out a short survey about what would interest you in a tea subscription. As a thank you, we’ll send you a 50% off voucher when the box becomes a reality!

The survey is here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5FJR8VT

Please make sure you enter an active email address – it’s the only way we can send you a code. We also only send boxes to mainland UK at the moment so coupons won’t work for non-UK addresses – but of course you’re welcome to fill out the survey wherever you are if you’d just like to help us out!

Thanks for listening, and for helping us out – we appreciate it!

(Time for a cuppa?)

17 Replies

Took the survey. Can’t wait to see the final product :)

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Done! :)

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Thanks guys!

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Nick select said


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i’m in the us but i’ll answer the survey

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mrmopar said

us too but will do the survey and good luck in your venture!

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Erin said

I would really love to see more sampler packages with high quality teas.

I would much rather buy an assortment of small amounts of similar teas (like an array of unflavored greens from different areas of China, or a selection of Earl Greys, or maybe a selection of different flavored rooibos blends) rather than a large bag of only one kind of tea.

But if hard decisions have to be made, I would rank quality as the #1 priority. There are a ton of food-oriented gift baskets/ boxes out there, and they are dominated by poor or average quality foods. I really shy away from buying these types of products for that very reason.

Cavocorax said

If I subscribed, I don’t think I’d want teaware. There are so many different varieties out there – how would you pick something that would suit everyone’s taste? Also that would just increase the cost of the box, which means less tea, and I think I can speak for most Steepsterites when I say we’d want more tea. :D

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Erin said

And just a side note, you would have my undying gratitude if you could figure out how to get an assorted box of decent cheeses to me here across the pond…. :)

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Thanks, everyone! Thanks to Erin, too, for the in-depth feedback. We agree – quality is going to be key. As the moment, we’re trying to source our tea, and we’re thinking about it very carefully.

Someone on Twitter suggested that the box contain ‘interesting teaware’ as well. Do you think tea lovers would go for this, or would they rather have more tea?

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Katiek said

In the US, but I filled out the survey anyway.

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