Flavrbox needs your help with a subscription tea box!

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Ysaurella said

Are you going to “replicate” this French model for tea ?
they add some teaware in their boxes and other greedy food in addition of the tea blends

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Ysaurella said

filled out your survey, you’ll get a Tea frog in your English cuppa :)

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cteresa said

I prefer to tea to teaware but I admit I am a total fetishist about tea tins. Pretty tea tins, small tea tins, it brings some collecting instinct. Unless teaware was a gravity infuser which I think would never ever be cheap and but which is something I would find so very appealing.

A warning about tea categories, beware of always identifying hibiscus blends. Hibiscus is really wide-spread among midrange teas, but it seems to be a pet hate among a lot of frequent tea drinkers. “fruit teas” are often hibiscus teas and I never know if it´s code for hibiscus or not so if to avoid them or not. You forgot pu-ehr (and maybe matcha as well. And matte for the infusions.) as options, i think a lot of frequent tea drinkers are more likely to be interested in sampling those than in things which seem more run of the mill.

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Erin said

@ Flavrbox.com,

Can you say a little more about what market you are going after, specifically? I would think choosing your target market is going to really influence what goes in your boxes, along with which particular advertising outlets you may use. Are you going for relatively well-informed Foodie, and if so, the specialist (i.e.- tea) or the generalist? Or are you going for the more casual shopper, the gift-basket type, that may purchase mostly on holidays, birthdays, special occasions, etc. (I do not know of European comparisons, but here in the U.S. it might compare to the Harry & David customer).

I was specifically thinking about your note about the Twitter comment & ‘interesting teaware’. Depending on what market you are aiming for, ‘interesting teaware’ would mean completely different things.

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Ramvling said

Filled out the survey even though I’m in the U.S. I love the concept of this, if you ever start shipping internationally, I’ll be there. 8D

As for teas, I’d say go for a wide variety and high quality. The kind of people who sign up for this are going to be interested in exploring delicious teas they normally wouldn’t think to try on their own.

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Azzrian said


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