[US] Tea swaps for US to US only

As the title states!

This thread is meant for those who only wish to send mail (semi)locally.

Feel free to check my cupboard and ask away!

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Sare said

do you still have the Matcha tea bags?

Yep, send me a PM if you want to swap :-)

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When my money situation improves, I’ll go back to shipping everywhere. For now, I have to limit myself to US only.

Helpful information: I have some teas on my shopping list. I also have my general likes and dislikes on my profile. I do not necessarily need an oz. for oz. swap. Sometimes I’ll trade an oz. for just 4-5 tsp. of your tea, because that brews a perfect pot for me and that may be all I want to try.

Adagio IngenuiTEA, 16 oz. Bought years ago, never used
1 lb. German Rock Sugar, Teavana. Bought years ago, never used.

Red Velvet Cake Mate, 52Teas, 1.75 oz. unopened
Red Velvet Cake Mate, 52Teas, 1.75 oz. minus 5 tsp.
Weeping Angel, 52Teas, 1.75 oz. minus 6 tsp.
Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish, 52Teas, 1.75 oz. minus 5 tsp.
Strawberry Shortcake, DavidsTea, 28 grams
Moroccan Madness, English Tea Store, 1 oz., unopened
Monks Blend, English Tea Store, 3-4 oz.
Peach Cran-Tango, Teavana, 2 oz.
Orange Praline, ESP Emporium, 1 oz.
Mint-In-Tea, Simpson & Vail, 2+ oz.

I’d love to try the Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish and/or either of the Red Velvets. Is there anything in my cupboard that grabs your attention?

Could you share a teapot’s worth of Taj Masala Chai Black Tea from Teavana and another teapot’s worth of Honey Ginger Mate from Della Terra? I am following you now.

Nick select said

I might have a home for that steeper, but, we’d have to figure out what I could trade for it. Will try and make an effort to get all my tea into the cupboard for browsing or write up a list. :)

If Nick passes on that IngenuiTea, I might be interested.

Nick, I am interested in the Brazilionaire and possibly the Argo Strawberry Vanilla Green Tea, if you want to work out a trade.

Nick select said

In that case I think we’re awesome, I’m not a huge fan of the Strawberry Green Tea. (It took me a while to realise which you meant… cause I mislabeled that, sorta…) It’s the correct tea, but the label on the jar just says Green Tea Strawberry, so at first I was like… what tea??? :P

Anyways, it’s this one: http://www.argoteastore.com/Green-Tea-Strawberry-Loose-Leaf/dp/B001UZ27NM If you want to check that and make sure it’s still what you think it is. :) I’m actually okay with parting with that entire jar, I can snap a quick pic to show you how much is there, I think I’ve only had a few cups of it. The brazillionaire is awesome stuff, but, I’m sure I could send a decent portion your way as well. I don’t have a scale unfortunately, so it would be guess work or just healthy teaspoon measuring for that one.

Kaylee said

I’m interested in the unopened Red Velvet. Check out my cupboard and let me know if anything piques your interest. I’m following you so we can PM.

I’m interested in the Red Velvet as well.

I’d love some of that Weeping Angel, Red Velvet cake, and/or Peach-Cran Tango. Check my cupboard and add me. I’ve got a ton that isn’t listed because I’ve been lazy, but if you see anything there let me know. Otherwise add me and message, and maybe we’ll figure out something else I’ve got around that you’d like. :)

Lindsey said

That Strawberry Shortcake sounds promising. Check out my post (a few down) and see if there’s anything there you’d be interesting in checking out in return.

ToiToi select said

Interested in:

Red Velvet Cake Mate, 52Teas, 1.75 oz. minus 5 tsp.
Weeping Angel, 52Teas, 1.75 oz. minus 6 tsp.
Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish, 52Teas, 1.75 oz. minus 5 tsp.
Strawberry Shortcake, DavidsTea, 28 grams

Let me know :)

Just BTW, I’m not ignoring everyone, it’s just taking me a long time to respond because, well, I’m a dork. Follow me if you haven’t and I will PM you all soon.

I was wondering if Strawberry shortcake was a strawberry leaf tea?

lcg842 said

Hi Rachel Sincere,
Do you have any more of your German Rock Sugar left? If yes, can I have some? :)

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I’m not ready to trade anything just yet, but I wanted to mention that I’ll be in the US visiting my parents for a few weeks next month. If anyone has any British teas they’d like me to bring with me, let me know!

I currently am in the process of finding what types of tea I like, so if you would be so kind as to bringing some British only teas to the States, that would be an awesome experience for me!

I will look into it and let you know if I can think of any that I would like to try; otherwise, whatever you have come to like or frequent would be awesome to swap with.

Awesome! I’m aiming to fly in on the 15th or thereabouts, so you’ve got some time. Check my cupboard and have a look at some UK tea companies to get some ideas.

Breeze, I think I am gonna let you take the reigns on this one. I want to try a really good breakfast tea, and a really good nighttime tea. If you could bring sometime like that to the states, I would greatly appreciate it!

Feel free to take a look at what I have, and I will gladly swap when you get home.

Booshmeister, if your interested I’ve found that the Marshall’s home goods stores by me carry a good amount of ‘imported’ english teas, not to say they actually are, but some of them might be. I meant to write down the names when I saw them but I was in a little hurry.

Adagio Breeze, I’d love to try some british Earl Grey and English Breakfast if your willing. I’m not sure what you’d like to trade though.

Lindsey said

Where in the US do your parents live?

I’ve been curious to try Fortnum & Mason’s Lapsang Souchong and their Strawberry & Coriander Infusion, if anyone would want to split 50g?

Booshmeister – I don’t know if I could be called on to deliver the ultimate, but I can try! What sort of quantity would you want? Loose, I presume?

JennyFur – Any brands you have in mind?

Lindsey – My parents are in NJ, and I’ll also be visiting the west coast. I’ll stop by F&M if I can get out to London, but if not I can order online. Just nothing too expensive.

Kaylee said

I’d love to split the Strawberry & Coriander with Lindsey, if everyone’s amenable. Adagio breeze, thank you for thinking of us! And I’m happy to just chip in for the tea.

My pleasure! It works for me too, since I won’t have to pay international shipping rates ;)

ToiToi select said

OMG, I was wondering if it would be possible for you to buy a tea for me. (only if it’s not too much trouble!) I can pay for it; there were couple tea I wanted to place an order through fortnum and mason website but their shipping fee was just way too high for me to do it..

Lindsey said

Kaylee – that sounds great! Thanks, Adagio Breeze.

ToiToi, what tea(s) did you want? I’ll see what I can do :)

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I’m still trying to clear out my stash. So pretty much the teas newest to my cupboard need new homes. I’d prefer Della Terra. (Or just rooibos/ flavoured black teas).

Available teas-


Blueberry Earl Grey
Brown Sugar Fig
Caramel Praline


Samurai Chai Mate

Nature’s Tea Leaf:

Apple (black)

I’m interested in all of the Ovation teas and I have plenty of Della Terra to share!

Jules1 select said

I’d like to try Brown Sugar Fig if it’s still available. See my cupboard for what I’ve got – I am happy to give you some of the Eight Candles, Hearts & Roses, or Love in a Cup from Della Terra, and I’ve got a 50g bag of Piccolo rooibos from Lupicia.

No more Brown Sugar Fig. Still want to try Hearts and Roses, and Love in a Cup. If want something else of mine.

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Lindsey said

Updating, based on what I have left:
Not sure on the amounts (I’ll measure if/when someone is interested), but I have the following available for swap:

- Lapsang Souchong (Della Terra)
- Aries (Adagio)
- Mint Chocolate Rooibos (DavidsTea)
- Forever Nuts (DavidsTea) [12.5g]
- Wuyi Oolong [bags] (Adagio)

Allie said

I’m interested in pumpkin creme brulee and blueberry cream cheese danish! Check out my cupboard to see is there’s anything you’re interested in. :-)

I’d be glad to take Jelly Bean Dream off your hands.

Sare said

im interested in Oatmeal raisin cookie and Aries if you want to see if i have anything you like :)

I’d be interested in the Weeping Angel, TARDIS Blend, & possibly the Monkey Picked Oolong. Take a glance through my cupboard and let me know if you’re interested in anything. Just to warn you though, alot of what I have is just sample sizes so I may or may not be able to swap certain teas. But we’ll see. ^^

Stella select said

I’m interested in Pineapple Cilantro Cream, Glitter & Gold, Forever Nuts, and Wuyi Oolong. Please take a look at my cupboard. I have pretty much everything available to swap :)

Elinoria said

I wouldn’t mind swapping for your glitter and gold, or your river song blend.

ToiToi select said

Interested in monkey picked oolong, Pineapple Cilantro Cream, pumpkin cream brulee, Jelly Bean Dream, and milk oolong. Let me know!

Lindsey said

Thanks, guys. Please make sure you’re following me (I’ll follow back) and I’ll private message you tonight to figure out logistics :-)

Is that milk oolong from Dobra.as in Burlington Dobra??

Any of the Dr. Who blends would be a fantastic treat for me. Check my cupboard and add me?

Lindsey said

@Jackie T – It is from Dobra in Burlington. Picked some up a bunch of it on my last trip up there.

@JennyFur – I’ll take a look later tonight!

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I am sad to announce that this new batch of Laoshan Black simply does not live up to the sample I had from the previous batch. I don’t like it at all! Very very sad. If anyone is willing to take this off my hands, please let me know. I have 2oz with several cups worth of tea removed.

Sil select said

oh no :(

James R said

I’d be willing to make a swap. PM me

I would love to swap for this as well! If there is any left, send a message my way!

Oops, should have updated this…I promised it all to James R. :( I’m sorry.

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Misstiff said

Ok so I am not and haven’t figured out about putting stuff in “cupboard” but would like to try out some different teas. I am not exact on measurements out here is the list.

Roobios Ginger Peach (tea of life)
Blueberry Merlot (tea forte)
Green tea (Nottingham Finest Tea)
Hibiscus Orange Delight (bulk herb store)
Organic peppermint which can be added to any tea(bulk herb)
Organic chamomile flowers (bulk herb)

Let me know if your interested in any.

I’m interested in the blueberry merlot. You can check out my cupboard to see if I have anything you’d like to try.

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Posted this in the North America discussion, but should probably post here too!

I’d prefer not to parcel out smaller samples from the bags, but the 9oz bags could go to multiple homes. I’d like to try some compass teas,52teas, bluebird teas, roasty oolongs, lupicia, etc… I’m not too into herbals. Other than that, I’m kind of just looking for new homes for my teas. Hopefully you may have a few teas I can try, but we don’t need to trade ounce for ounce.

Adagio, White Peach, Bag (1.5 oz -2 tsp)
Adagio, Masala Chai, Bag (9 oz)

American Tea Room, Extreme Vanilla, Bag (1.8 oz)
American Tea Room, Red Hot, Bag (2oz)

Art of Tea, Hot Sweet Cinnamon, Bag (4oz)

David’s Tea, Glitter & Gold , Bag (50g – 1tsp)
David’s Tea, Saigon Chai, Bag (50g – 1tsp)

Della Terra, Cinnamon Crackle, Bag (4 oz minus 1 tbsp)
Della Terra, White Chocolate, 4-5 tsp
Della Terra, Dubbele Chocolade, 4-5 tsp
Della Terra, Chocolate Coconut Almond, 4-5 tsp
Della Terra, Caramel, 4-5 tsp
Della Terra, Vanilla, 4-5 tsp

Culinary Teas, Pumpkin Spice Tea, .5 oz

NecessiTeas, EggNaughTea, 3tsp
NecessiTeas, Warm Vanilla Chai, 3tsp
NecessiTeas, Pumpkin Cheesecake, 3tsp

sTEAp, Darjeeling Song, Tin (2.5 oz – 1tsp)
sTEAp, Warm Apple Pie, 4-5 tsp
sTEAp, Smokey Mountain, 4-5 tsp

Townshend’s , Assam (Irish Breakfast), Tin (3 oz)

Upton Tea, Christmas Tea, Bag (9 oz)
Upton Tea, Vanilla Tea, Bag (3 oz)

Elinoria said

I would be willing to swap for the glitter and gold, pumpkin spice tea, or the hot sweet cinnamon^.^

I would gladly take the extreme vanilla, pumpkin cheesecake and the eggnaughtea from you! Send me a message and I will send you my swap list! Thanks!

ToiToi select said

Interested in these:
David’s Tea, Glitter & Gold , Bag (50g – 1tsp)
David’s Tea, Saigon Chai, Bag (50g – 1tsp)
Della Terra, Cinnamon Crackle, Bag (4 oz minus 1 tbsp)
Della Terra, White Chocolate, 4-5 tsp

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Please see page two for my current swap list.

Dustin said

Ooooooo, I’d love to try the Butiki Potato Pancakes! Take a peek at what I have and let me know if anything looks interesting.

Well, DavidsTea Red Velvet or Cookie Dough would be awesome to try. Otherwise, I’m perfectly open to a surprise swap of anything you would rather part with as long as it’s not coconut or ginger :) (Following you now)

Dustin said

Cool, I’ll PM you now!

I’m interested in the Creamy Eggnog. Let me know if anything in my cupboard appeals to you.

greenteafairy – Can you spare enough Gui Fei Oolong for a few cups?

ToiToi select said

Interested in following:
Butiki teas: Creamy Eggnog (~2/3 left of the original 1/2oz bag)
Butiki teas: Potato Pancakes and Applesauce (~2/3 left of the original 1oz bag)
Butiki teas: Cantaloupe and Cream (~2/3 left of the original 1/2oz bag)
Let me know :)

ToiToi- I’m going to wait for confirmation from Dustin and greenteafairy about the Creamy Eggnog and Potato Pancakes. I have enough creamy eggnog for about 6 cups and enough Potato pancake and Applesauce for 3-4 cups. If the others don’t want all of it, i’ll let you know.

The cantaloupe and cream is still unclaimed. I’ll follow you so we can pm.

Kaylee said

I’m interested in the Tea Spot Clouds and Mist. Let me know if anything in my cupboard appeals to you.

sending you a pm Kaylee

I can send enough Gui Fei Oolong for a couple of cups and would be happy to throw in a couple other random samples. I’m also happy to take just half of your Creamy Eggnog supply if you’d like to send the other half to ToiToi, since I really just want to try it.

yes, greenteafairy, I’d really like to try the Gui Fei. I can split the Creamy Eggnog if that works for you and ToiToi. I’ll pm you guys for specifics when I get home this afternoon.

I’d be interested in that coconut pur-eh. Look at my cupboard and let me know?

Just updated my swap list and added some new items.
JennyFur – I’ll get back to you after I return from class today.

JennyFur, follow me so that we can pm :)

moraiwe said

I would actually be really interested in the Raspberry Truffle and S’mores if no one’s called dibs yet! Take a peak in my cupboard and let me know?

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graciezoe said

I just received my new order from David’s Tea and received the usual three samples. I only drink green, white or rooibos so whomever is interested in all three of my samples they are all yours. No swap; I’ll mail them to you regular post in a padded envelope. The samples are: organic the skinny, happy kombucha and pom tango.

ToiToi select said

Would love to take it off your hand! However you’ve been already generous for me to send previous samples so if you want to share it with others totally understandable! I wanted to send you something back but you didn’t write your address on the envelope.. :/

Artp said

Been looking to try those, if they’re available

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