[US] Tea swaps for US to US only

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Kaylee said

Up for swaps:

T Salon Green Coconut (4 sachets)
Tea Forte Bombay Chai (two single serving loose leaf pouches)
Tea Forte Estate Darjeeling (two single serving loose leaf pouches)
Tea Forte Lemon Sorbetti (3 tsps)
Tea Spot Sweet Lullaby (sample size minus 2 tsps)
NMTC Extra Sleepy Bear (5 tsps)
Numi Aged Earl Grey (4 teabags)
Adagio White Peach (3 tsps)

I’m open to everything except black teas.

moraiwe said

I’d be interested in:
Butiki Potato Pancakes & Applesauce (3 tsps)
Tea Forte Lemon Sorbetti (5 tsps)
Della Terra Sunshine (about 3 tsps)
Adagio White Cucumber (sample size minus one tsp)

Check out my cupboard and let me know? :)

Hi! I’m interested in:
Butiki Pistachio Ice Cream (5 tsps)
T Salon Green Coconut (4 sachets)

You can check out my cupboard and PM me :)

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I’m bad at keeping track of these things. So, these are still available for trade.

English Tea Store- Angels Dream (I have way more than I’ll drink)
Della Terra- Candy Cane
Della Terra- Sugar Plum Perfection
Della Terra- Peppermint Bark
David’s Teas- Toasted Marshmallow

There are others in the cupboard.

(Looking for Della Terra or David’s flavoured and honeybush/ rooibos teas.)

I have Lemon Chiffon, if you’d like some of that.

I’m interested in the Angels Dream and Toasted Marshmellow. :) Check my cupboard. I’ve got a ton of Della Terra, I may have even missed some. Add me and we’ll talk. :)

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I can do varying amounts of all of these, up to the amount specified next to each tea – just let me know how much you’d like. Please be advised that I won’t be able to send anything off until after May 15.

Whittard Spice Imperial (50 grams)
Whittard English Breakfast (75 grams)
Whittard Dragonwell (35 grams)
Whittard Pai Mu Tan (35 grams)
Whittard Jubilee Blend (50 grams)
Whittard Margaret’s Hope First Flush Darjeeling (75 grams)
Whittard Original (50 grams)
Whittard 1886 Blend (25 grams)

Twinings 1st flush Darjeeling, Thurbo estate (50 grams)
Twinings Vanilla Chai (90 grams)
Twinings Liquorice Allsorts Earl Grey (8 whole-leaf pyramids)
Twinings Ceylon Orange Pekoe (5 enveloped bags)

ATTIC green tea + elderflower, yarrow & lemongrass (20 grams)

Eteaket Scottish Breakfast (40 grams)
Eteaket Highland Fling (30 grams)

Marks & Spencer Extra Strong loose tea (200 grams)

Clipper Snore & Peace (6 enveloped bags)
Clipper Cloud Nine (10 enveloped bags)
Clipper Rise & Shine (10 enveloped bags)
Clipper After Dinner Mints (4 enveloped bags)

Dorset Tea (~20 bags)

Jacksons of Piccadilly Fairtrade Tea (30 bags)

Bewley’s Dublin Morning Tea (~20 bags)

Numi Decaf Black Vanilla (~12 enveloped bags)
Numi Magnolia Puerh (~8 enveloped bags)

Trader Joe’s Duchess Grey (8 enveloped bags)

ToiToi select said

I am interested in

Whittard Margaret’s Hope first flush darjeeling
Whittard Dragonwell
Whittard Pai Mu Tan (35 grams)
Twinings 1st flush Darjeeling, Thurbo estate

I’m also interested in couple other tea in your cupboard :) I’ll pm you!

Hi, I’m interested in:

Whittard Dragonwell (35 grams)
Whittard Pai Mu Tan (35 grams)
Whittard Jubilee Blend (50 grams)
Whittard Margaret’s Hope First Flush Darjeeling (75 grams)
Whittard Original (50 grams)
Twinings 1st flush Darjeeling, Thurbo estate (50 grams)
Eteaket Highland Fling (30 grams)

Could I swap for a few bags of the Magnolia Puerh and the After Dinner Mints?

moraiwe said

I’d be interested in swapping for half of the ATTIC green tea + elderflower, yarrow & lemongrass (40 grams) if that’s possible :)

ToiToi & Diana: I’ll get back to you in a little bit.

KiwiDelight: Sure thing! How many would you like, and is there anything in particular you’d like to swap for them?

moraiwe: That’s perfect! PM-ed you.

Artp said

really interested in that vanilla chai

Artp, how much would you like? I followed you.

Kaylee said

Are the Clipper Snore & Peace and/or Clipper Rise & Shine still available?

Hi! If these are available, I am interested in:
Trader Joe’s Duchess Grey (8 enveloped bags)
Bewley’s Dublin Morning Tea (~20 bags)
Whittard Dragonwell (35 grams)

Thank you!

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Would anyone be interested in doing a mystery swap with me? I’ve found traditional swapping of unwanted teas to be a bit slow going. I’m looking for a most efficient way to try as many new teas as possible.

I’d like to do an even swap of 10-15 different teas of 2-3 servings each, making sure only that the selections aren’t already in the other’s cupboard or rated list.

I’m hoping to do about three such swaps in the immediate future.

EDIT: I’m actually not going to be particular about getting duplicate teas. I have a few orders on the way and some teas that aren’t even in my cupboard yet. As long as we can do a brief scan through and make sure that there aren’t going to be too many duplicates. But I am happy to use them for future swaps or give to my local friends and family.

I’d be up for this! It sounds like fun.

following you now cheetah_pita. I’ll pm you :)

I’m in!

awesome TastyBrew. Your officially the third one now!

I’ll accept just one more if anyone else is interested and then I’ll see about doing this again in a few weeks.

Shmiracles said

i’m excited, this is gonna be fun. this approach suits my personality very much. :)

Me too! So fun!

@shmiracles, want to double the fun? I have more than enough to make a second mystery box. I could send one your way too!

Shmiracles said

sold! haha

I’m looking forward to all the fun! and so happy I could motivate you guys to carry it on without me too :p

This sounds like fun!!

I just completed 3 and I am drowning in samples! It was such an awesome idea. But I never did get a 4th volunteer, so you’re in! Of course I am totally going to do this again in a while, once I make it through my samples and restock my cupboard. :)

Pm me for details please!

Shmiracles said

(i just followed BrewTEAlly Sweet so i can watch her mystery swap unfold) :) yay

moraiwe said

@Shelley_Lorraine, Look at the monster you’ve created! :O

A really amazing tea swapping monster. :>

Well I had to do something! The swap thread wasn’t getting much action before (^^)

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I have a bunch of Whispering Pines teas that I’d like to trade…I have at least an one ounce of each. Check out my cupboard. I just found I’m not to fond of their teas I purchased (except one or two that I don’t have listed in my cupboard). I’m interested in Moroccan Mints and Indian teas. I’d also be willing to sell them:) PM me if interested! Thanks!

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Rie said

Hello! I’m looking to do my first swaps.
I’d also really appreciate it if I could find a swap partner who might teach me how to package and send tea properly. ‘v’- Thank you!!

Disney Wonderland Tea – Mad Tea Party Blend 60g 30g
Teavivre – 2012 Organic White Peony (25g)
Teavivre – 2012 Jasmine Silver Needle (25g)
Teavivre – 2012 Bailin Gongfu Black (20g)
Teavivre – True Love Flower Tea (3pcs) (2pcs)
Lupicia – Sakura (20g)
Lupicia – Chocolate & Strawberry Puer (15g)

I’d like to try more Indian teas (Assams, Ceylons, Darjeelings, etc.) or flavored black teas from companies like Harney & Sons and Nina’s, but I’m open to anything. :D

I’d be interested in the Mad Tea Party Blend! :)
I’ll be happy to show you the ropes of swapping! Follow me so I can send you a message. Thanks!

Dustin said

I’m interested in your chocolate strawberry puer. Check out my cupboard and see if anything looks good to you.

Rie said

Thank you so much! (’ v’)*
The Mad Tea Party Blend is available again. :D

Hey, you say you still got Mad Tea Party available? I’d love it if you could share even a few teaspoons. Check out my cupboard and let me know if you like anything there.

I’m interested in the True Love Flower Tea. I never tried a blooming tea before. Hope you find something of interest in my cupboard _

moraiwe said

I’m also interested in even just a little of the Mad Tea Party. I’d love to try some! Let me know if there’s anything in my cupboard I could interest you in? :)

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Finest in the world. I live in Yiwu Xishuangbanna Yunna China for most of the year and am happy to trade….any offers?

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Alright, I’ve been going through my stash and am looking at simplifying my stash and getting rid of the stuff I just haven’t had the time to consume and have a lot from previous swaps or large purchases.

Teavana – Creme Earl Grey (1.5oz/43g)
Teavana – Morrocan Mint
Georgia Tea Co. – Champagne Raspberry White
Whispering Pines – Painted Paradise (2oz/56g)
Whispering Pines – Manitou Mist (2oz/57g)
Harney & Sons – Diamond Jubilee sachets (black tea w/ silvertips, bergamont, & citrus flavors)
Republic of Tea – Red Rooibos Good Hope Vanilla sachets
ESP Emporium – Spring Melody green tea blend
Adagio – Fruit Sangria sachets
Della Terra – Blueberry Crumble
Breckenridge Spice Merchants (Mighty Leaf) – Leaves of Provence (1oz/26g)
Joy’s Teaspoon – Sunkissed Jasmine (1.5oz/43g)
Joy’s Teaspoon – Enchanted Forest (1.3oz/37g)
Art of Tea – Pot of Gold (I really enjoy this one and it was a limited time only thing…but I have a bunch of it and may never go through it all:-()
52Teas – Cinnamon Roll Honeybush (1.3oz/36g)
NM Tea Co. – Blood Orange Rooibos
Republic of Tea – Tea of Inquiry sachets
I also have various Disney Wonderland Tea that came in a kit with 12 various flavors.

Weights are approx. since I measured them inside their bags (which doesn’t add much I assume)

I’m interested in Assams or black teas/blends that are rich/malty/smooth (preferably organic), Moroccan Mints (or most minty teas), sleepy time teas (w/ Valerian, chamomile, or any kind of “sleep” herb – I’m curious to what is out there that I don’t know about), and whatever else looks interesting. Specifically, I’ve seen the tea called East Frisian by Harney & Sons that has piqued my interest if anyone has that.

Thanks! PM if interested!

GiggleGoddess your:
Art of Tea – Pot of Gold
Joy’s Teaspoon – Enchanted Forest
Harney & Sons – Diamond Jubilee
Sound really good. I would PM you but I’m new here:) and so excited to become a part of this place. I wish I would have known about this earlier! I have teas I busted added to my cupboard but have many more to add. Mostly chai’s and chocolatey flavors:) I will have it complete by tomorrow:) PM me if your interested

Kaylee said

GiggleGoddess, I’m interested in the 52Teas Cinnamon Roll Honeybush. I have trouble sleeping so I have quite a few sleepy time teas to share. PM me for a list :)

Dustin said

BrewTEAlly… not sure if you figured it out yet, but you have to go to someone’s profile and click “follow” for them to be able to PM you. Then they have to do the same for you to message them back.

Thank you Dustin

I’d be interested in the blueberry crumble and I have lots of black teas so follow and PM me if interested. :)

moraiwe said

I have a couple on there I’d like to try and some lovely minty teas, malty blacks, and sleepy teas I’d liek to trade. :) I’ll PM you if you add me back!

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KallieBoo! said

Would anyone be interested in doing a random sample swap? Cleaning up the kitchen and I’ve realized I have some to spare!

moraiwe said

Yes please! I was just kicking this idea around myself :)

Yes please!!!

Shmiracles said

Me me! Sold!

@shmiracles you’re on fire with the mystery boxes! Make some room kallieboo :-)

I am so tempted to do another too. I even got some of those nifty little baggies like shmiracles has so I can swap like a pro! But I’m holding out for a few weeks b/c I’m planning a major restock of my cupboard at the end of the month and want to share my loot!

KallieBoo! said

@TastyBrew now I’m excited :D I love random swaps.

@Shelley_Lorraine I just did a restock and figured out I don’t have room for any of the new stuff lol

Ok, now that I’m reading about it, Im getting that itch to do another one. Kallieboo, do you have enough to do one more?

KallieBoo! said

@TastyBrew of course :D

geez guys, you’re all such a bad influence on me! you’re going to make me break my tea-buying haiatus because I don’t want to feel left out of the swapping fun! shame on you all!! But I’m staying strong…for now. Just a couple more weeks. . .

KallieBoo! said

@Shelley_Lorraine I’ll swap with you when you’re ready to! Just let me know :D

Shmiracles said

there are some teas I still have too much of. I was a newb then, and have since learned my lesson about buying too much of one kind of tea. Until I reduce those teas, I’m all about The Swap!
I have gotten to try so many new teas through swapping! It’s really a great thing. And makes the most of steepster for sure.

KallieBoo! said

I just have a problem with buying too much small amounts of different teas. But I love swapping.
I think I have PM’d all of you now! If I missed someone let me know!

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moraiwe said

Jumping onboard the random sample swapping train! I definitely have some to spare right now. Any one interested? :)

Yay! I’m in! I just followed you!

Same here!

Shmiracles said

we’ll talk soon!!

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