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DianeInOz said
updated 7/20

OK, I have just done a major organizing of my tea cupboard (I want to cut myself off before my tea cupboard becomes a “tea closet” and then “tea room”).

So I have lots of teas to trade!! I am mainly looking for flavored greens, whites, herbals, mates, etc. I need no more blacks, red rooibos, oolongs… here goes….

Adagio (most of the adagio tins were originally 1-2 ounces):
*cherry (black)
*raspberry (black)
*apple (black)
*peach (black)
*orange (black)
*gingerbread (black)
*candy cane (black)
*pumpkin spice (black)
*cinnamon (black)
*caramel (black)
*ginger (black)
*pomegranate (black)
*coconut (black)
*chocolate (black) (I have much more than 2 ounces of this)
*vanilla (black) (I have much more than 2 ounces of this)
*pimpkin pumpkin (again, more than 2 ounces)
*double rainbow (rooibos blend)
*green pekoe
*rooibos tropics

Fortunes (they probably started as 4 ounces, lots left):
*white peony
*cinnamon yerba mate

*ginseng vitality (a lot, at least 4 ounces)

Davids Tea:
*rooibos de province

The Tea Spot
*chocolate cherry bomb
*praline truffle

I also have some tea bags:
*sierra spicy orange delight
*midori trading inc ginger tea
*republic of tea – Comfort and Joy holiday blend
*republic of tea – pink rose garden (green)

There is a lot there, hope you find something you like!

Helllo! I’m interested in some of your lavender dreams… I have a bunch of flavored adagio samples (pear white, some other fruit flavord white, two unopened birthday cake) as well as some unflavored herbals (honeybush and guayusa) if you wanna pm me

darby select said

Hi Diane intested in lavender dreams, red velvet and jumpy monkey. Check my cupboard. I have more than listed there also.

I am totally interested in Lavander dreams, jumpy monkey, pink rose garden, and blueberry! Take a look in my cupboard and Pm me! Thank you!!!

DianeInOz said

Darby, follow me and I can PM you :)

Booker said

Hi, Diane! I’m interested in the Peach, Caramel, and Coconut from Adagio, the Cinnamon Yerba Mate from Fortunes, and the Comfort & Joy from Republic of Tea. I have lots of tea in my cupboard so let me know what you’d like!

I am interested in your DT red velvet.Let me know if you still have it.I will tell you what I have

DianeInOz said

Sorry, the red velvet is gone. I have updated the list now that some trades have gone out!

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Artp said

A good friend recently travelled to India and brought me a ton of fresh loose leaf; unfortunately, it was way too much and I’ll never drink all of it. So i’m lookin for someone to take some or all of what I have below:

4oz green darjeeling
2oz second flush darjeeling
2 oz first flush darjeeling

I hardly ever drink unflavoureds. So i would prefer flavored teas, such as Della Terra, DavidsTea, Harney and Sons. I’m VERY Interested in Adagio fandoms, and also would like to try anything new so we can work something out i’m sure

I might be interested in all three of them. Like a half oz to an oz of each maybe? Take a look through my cupboard and shoot me a pm with what you’d be interested in?

I would be interested in the first flush darjeeling. Take a look in my cupboard and see if anything interest you.

Artp said

Veronica: paris from harney and sons. Banana pudding black from 52teas

Nicole said

I’d love to try any of these that you have left if there is anything in my cupboard you’d like to try. I followed you, so you can PM if you want!

Booker said

I would also be glad to trade for 1/2 oz. of either the first or second flush Darjeeling. I have a lot of Della Terra in my cupboard so let me know if you’re interested in any I have listed!

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Does anyone have DellaTerra’s Monkey Bread or 52Tea’s Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish that they would like to swap?!?! PM me! Pleas wand Thank you!

I have some Monkey Bread tea if you are interested :)

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AmberLynn said

I have a really excellent Chai blend from Teavana (Maharajah Chai oolong and Samurai chai mate) I have a bit over four ounces worth and i’m willing to trade for anything different . PM me please :)

darby select said

Take a look in my cupboard..if I have any you like I’d be interested in all of the chai.

Artp said

Also interested- i have some green darjeeling i can swap, as well as some discontinued banana dream pie from davidstea

I am definitely interested! PM me!

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I’ve never swapped on here, but I’ve swapped makeup on makeupalley under archgirl05 and I can be publically shamed on my makeup blog, Jeweled Thumb (I suffer from a horrible sense of humor). Anyway, I’m fairly new to tea in general but I’m really looking to try some dessert type teas and I tend to like fruity whites. Check out my tea cupboard.

Oh and if anyone has a bunch of those cute Davidstea sachets that come free with orders, I am definitely interested!

Is this the right way to do this? Should I list swap options instead? I do have a kitchen scale for those that want to swap specific portions out.

darby select said

Hi Jewel – you did just fine! When I post on the swap thread I usually list the teas I’m willing to swap and how many oz are available that way people will know how much is available as we usually swap oz for oz.
Not sure I have anything that will interest you but do have some Ovation Teas – Chocolate Bliss, Raspberry Earl Grey and Lavender Earl Grey. I might have some Peach Rhubarb from Tea Forte if my other swapper doesn’t want all of it.

I’m also new here. Maybe we should swap since we’re both newbies here :)
I have a really good cherry black tea, Sakurambo from Lupicia. I also have a really fruity rooibos tea, Provence Rooibos from Enjoying Tea.
Are you interested in those? I know you say you like fruity whites, but I don’t know if you meant you only like fruity whites.

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Hi everybody! I’ve got some teas I’d like to swap. I will swap heavily in your favor too, quantity-wise since my stash has grown beyond my ability to drink it all. I prefer greens, whites and oolongs straight or flavored but will also consider flavored or high quality straight black teas. No rooibos or herbals please :)

Here’s what I’ve got-

1. Almost 1/2 oz of white rose tea http://steepster.com/teas/the-spice-and-tea-exchange/20495-white-rose

2. 1 oz 52 teas marshmallow treat genmaicha http://steepster.com/teas/52teas/19360-marshmallow-treat-genmaicha

3. 1 oz 52 teas s’mores genmaicha http://steepster.com/teas/52teas/35653-smores-genmaicha

4. 1oz 52 teas cinnamon roll Honeybush http://steepster.com/teas/52teas/20883-cinnamon-roll-honeybush

5. 1oz David’s tea organic North African mint http://steepster.com/teas/davidstea/6039-north-african-mint-organic

6. 1oz David’s tea organic cream of earl grey http://steepster.com/teas/davidstea/16479-cream-of-earl-grey-organic

I would be interested in your marshmallow treat genmaicha. Take a look in my cupboard and see if anything interest you. I may also have some oolong samples to trade. I’ll have to check.

I would love to try the s’mores and white rose and cinnamon roll

RogersCK said

If you’re still looking to swap, follow me so we could PM :)

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Skysamurai said

I have lots of tea to share and not enough friends here who drink it so my fellow steepsters… I would love to trade for other teas and try new things!

Here is what I have to offer:
Strawberry Snow Creme (Herbal) 1 oz
Festive Floral Fig tart (Herbal) 1 oz
Marziplum Delight (Herbal/fruit) 1 oz
Ginger Lemon Bash (Herbal) 1 oz
Tropical Nut Paradise (flavored rooibos) 1 oz
Auspicious Ayame Wulong (Oolong) Around 7 oz

Tea District:
Lemon Green Rooibos (green rooibos) 2 oz

Indigo Tea Co.
Yunnan Pu Er (pu er) 2 oz
White Christmas (white) 4 oz
Blood Orange Black (black) 4 oz

Tea of Life:
Wellness Tea-Slimming (green and other stuff) Tea bags around 35 left
Wellness Tea-De Stress (green tea and other stuff) Tea Bags around 25 left

Montana Tea and Spice Trading LLc:
Wild Huckleberry – 6 tea bags never opened.

2 blooming teas. mystery company. I’m not into blooming teas. A friend gave them to me.
Lily Basket
Lemon Blossom

I’m willing to trade as little or as much of each as you want. I drink pretty much everything from herbal to mate. _

RogersCK said

Hi. I’m interested in some of your teavana teas. Following you, follow me back. :)

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Up for swap Davids Tea Sweet Strawberry( purchased this month) 50 g bag approx 45 g.left. Also have in bulk DT stormy night and cookie dough.All fresh.
Looking for DT coconut groove, Fantasy Island,Blueberry Jam and Tealish orange Marzipan
Please see my cupboard.I have updated and all are listed for swap.

I have some Fantasy Island I’m looking to swap. I’d be interested in your pineapple oolong.

I just have DT samples of it- I can add anything else? Thanks!

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AmberLynn said

Hey guys!
looking to do another swap with some of my teavana teas! I have a few ounces of a maharajha chai/ samurai chai blend to get ride of, some strawberry cream, fig rose, and berry almond amaretto! Please PM me if anyone is interested :)

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Hey guys I’m pretty new here but I have some teas I’d like to swap.
First a bunch of sampler bags from a company called tealightful treasures:
English Morning x2
Strawberry x2
ginger peach
cocoa kisses
fruity raspberry
Happy Heart ( candy hearts and almond)
Sweet Cranberry Apple
Angel’s Blush
In addition to those I also have these teas I would be willing to give out a few steepings worth:
Tiesta Tea Fruity Pebbles green tea
Teavana Fruta Bomba green tea
Adagio Green Needle
Twinings Jasmine Green.
Adagio Huang Jin Bolero oolong

I mostly enjoy non flavored oolongs and silver needle. I am also open to trying any high quality mostly non flavored greens and blacks. Let me know if anybody is interested.

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