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wheezybee said

Hello again! The Battle of the Earl Greys is going swimmingly, but I am running a little short on teas for the first elimination round.

I have a couple on my wish list that I didn’t manage to get my hands on first, so if you happen to have one of the teas on my list and you’re interested in a swap, please let me know.

For the project, I need 2-8 servings, with 6-8 being preferred.

I’m looking for:
American Tea Room: Earl Grey Sterling Organic
Art of Tea: Award Winning Earl Grey
Damman Freres: Earl Grey (any variety)
Davidson’s Organics: Earl Grey
Fortnum & Mason: Earl Grey
Lupicia: Earl Grey Grand Classic
Lupicia: Earl Grey
Nina’s Paris: Earl Grey
Numi: Aged Earl Grey
Republic of Tea: Earl Greyer
Taylors of Harrogate: Earl Grey
TAZO: Earl Grey (mesh sachets or loose leaf)
Verdant Tea: Earl of Anxi

I have to swap:
Pinapple Kawaii by Teavana (1 bloom)
Genmaicha by Arbor Teas (sample minus 2 servings)
Phoenix Pearl by Zen Tea (unopened sample)
Organic Silk Dragon Jasmine by DAVIDsTEA (25g sample minus 1 serving)
Earl Grey Moonlight by Adagio (sample minus 2 servings)
Masala Chai by Adagio (sample minus 4 servings)
Earl Grey Lavender by Adagio (sample minus 2 servings)
Cream Earl Grey by New Mexico Tea Co. (3T = 9 servings)
Earl Grey Cream by Della Terra (sample minus 4 servings)
Earl Grey Cheesecake by 52Teas (1 serving)
Earl Grey by Tao of Tea (sample minus 2 servings)
Blue Flower Earl Grey by Tao of Tea (sample minus 2 servings)
Smoked Earl Grey by Tao of Tea (sample minus 2 servings)
Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea (sample minus 1 serving)
Shui Jin Gui Wuyi Oolong by Verdant Tea (sample minus 1 serving)
Spring Harvest Laoshan Green by Verdant Tea (sample minus 1 serving)
Nina’s Paris by Nina’s Paris (1 serving)
Aries by Nina’s Paris (1 serving)
Earl Grey Heaven by Persimmon Tree (3 servings)

I am willing to swap several servings of:
Anything listed in my tea cupboard
Other EGs listed in the Battle of the EGs
500 Mile Chai by Tao of Tea
Anxi Benshan Oolong by EnjoyingTea
English Breakfast Black Tea by Enjoying Tea
Earl Grey Black Tea by DAVIDsTEA
Earl Grey Supreme by Harney & Sons
Black Currant by Harney & Sons (sachets)

I am very careful to avoid scent contamination, so everything you get will be in either the original sample packaging or in zipped and labeled mylar baggies.

Thank you so much for your help!

Note: Posted to both US/US and US/Canada Swap Discussions

Oh wow! An Earl Grey Battle! How tea nerdy fantastic! haha. I read that and I was really hoping I had any of the earl greys you are missing, but I don’t. However, did you try Teajo’s? They might send you a sample package, since that is how I got mine. Also, I have no idea how you are getting rid of your Zen Phoenix Pearls, especially without trying them. :D I’m going to follow you if I’m not already…

wheezybee said

@Tea Sipper – Thank you, it’s been a lot of fun this summer! I just emailed Teajo’s, so thanks for the heads up!

Teajo’s earl grey is a good one, so I’m happy to help!

moraiwe said

I don’t have any that you’re looking for unfortunately, but if you’d like I could send some of California Tea House’s Vanilla Cream Earl Grey your way. :)

wheezybee said

I would be happy to try it, thank you! :)

I don’t have any Earl Greys, but I’m interested in the Phoenix Pearl if it’s still available. Maybe there’s something else in my cupboard you might be interested to swap for it?

wheezybee said

@Shadowfall – I’m really sorry. You have some very (very!) tempting teas in your cupboard, but if it’s not used to trade for one of these Earl Greys, another member has already called dibs.

Bummer. I was hoping to get an untainted sample to try. Lol. I wish I did have one of those Earl Greys, but Earl Grey has to be one of my least favorite teas. ^^; Well, if the other person does end up passing on it, let me know.

wheezybee said

I will, and thank you for understanding!

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Ok, I’m semi-put together this time.
Please note that my weights are in their original sample baggies, so they may be off a touch.

I have:

The Persimmon Tree
Chocolate Banana Rooibos 8 grams
Mint Chocolate Chip Rooibos 6 grams

Rooibis Cocomint 19 grams

Rooibos Vanilla 98 grams (willing to divvy up)

Kamiya Papaya Oolong – have just under 4oz (willing to divvy up)

Teas I’d be willing to swap portions of:

Davidstea Stormy Night
Davidstea Indian Summer
Davidstea Red Velvet

I’d love to try:
milky oolongs
Tea lux Butterscotch Potion
Davidstea Coconut Grove (and some of their other blends)
Butiki Teas Cantaloupe and Cream
most Teavana teas
flavored white teas

All of my teas have been purchased after May of this year, so they are fresh. I’m really just looking forward to swap for new things to hopefully stop these crazy desires to order everything!

Hi I would love red velvet if you see anything in my cupboard

@lovelylotus, I would absolutely love some of the Davidstea Pineapple Oolong. I’ll follow you so we can PM. =)

I would love some of the red velvet and stormy night!!:) PM me if you see anything in my cupboard. :)

I’d be really interested in the papaya oolong and the chocolate banana roobios. Let me know if you see anything in my cupboard that looks tradeable. :) I’ve got a few teavana things in fairly large quantities. And anything thats white tea thats listed is probably up for trade because I’m only slightly fond of white, I’m more of an herbal/green/black tea girl.

@Jennfur: Sounds perfect as whites are right up my alley! Will you follow me back so we can work something out? =)

RogersCK said

Hi, I’m interested in a couple of your teas, more specifically your DTs and your Papaya Oolong. Following you, follow me so we can PM.

Graham said

Hey, I have teavana samurai chai and fruta bomba. I’m interested in swapping for the cocomint and stormy night. How about 10g of each tea? Pm me…

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I’m looking for-

David’s Tea~
Read My Lips
Jessie’s Tea- still looking for
Creme Caramel Rooibos
Mint Julep

Summer herbal blends

Della Terra~
Peanut Butter Fudge
Salted Caramel and Chocolate
Cotton Candy
Mojito Italino

Search the cupboard. I also have Broken Assam and Royal Bengal Tiger from NMTC.

Hi I have 26 g of DT jessie’s tea.I am interested in your Adagio decaf blueberry- how much do you have?

RogersCK said

Hi Lariel, I have approx 25g of DT Mint Chocolate Rooibos. Following you, follow me so I can PM you.

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Message deleted by author.

I’d be interested in swapping for some of Adagio’s Hazelnut Black. I have a bunch of White Orchard (Mighty Leaf Tea) that might fit your bill for lower caffeine, fruity, white/green tea (http://steepster.com/teas/mighty-leaf-tea/194-white-orchard). Anyway, I’m pretty new to swapping too, so let me know how much you’re willing to part with and how many bags you would like in return. You can also look through my cupboard to see if anything else grabs your attention. Most of them are samples, though, so I may not have enough worth swapping. Let me know!


The Hazelnut is a 10 cup sampler. I haven’t tried it yet, but am willing to give up about half. Is there anything else on my list that looks good? I’m not sure it’s worth the shipping (for either of us!) for such a small amount. Adagio sells sample sizes of all their teas – most for $2 (some of the rarer ones are up to $5).

I have lots of David’s tea in my cupboard.I am interested in
Coconut Black
Decaf Raspberry Black
Raspberry Patch Herbal
Raspberry Nectar
Thanks so much

That’s a good point. Didn’t realize that the samples were so small/cheap. I may actually just order a bunch for myself. If you still want to sample any teas from my cupboard, I’d be happy to send some along!

Jennkay: The Adagio samples are the best! I ordered 19 of them a few weeks ago. I’ve been searching specifically for retailers that sell sample or very small sizes and here are the some others I’ve found so far: The Tea Table, Tea Attic, Arbor Teas, Art of Tea, Butiki, California Tea House, Divintea, Imperial Tea Garden, Red Leaf Tea, Rishi Tea, Seven Cups, sTEAp Shoppe, Tea Guys, thepuritea, and Republic of Tea. Tea Forte also sells smaller pouches for about $7/ea. The Republic of Tea samples come in cute little tins. :)

Lovelylotus: I wish I saw something in your cupboard that looked good. Unfortunately my caffeine avoidance rules out the blacks and I don’t care for chocolate in my tea. :(

To anyone else who’s interested, I’ve edited my previous posting to strike a few things I’ve depleted since Saturday.

Graham said

Hey Jennkay, I’d love to sample your watermelon and brown coat genmaicha if you’d be willing :)

sunshine5150: Wow, thanks for the tips! I’ll be sure to check those all out soon.

gwin99: Sent you a PM!

Sunshine5150 – how do you get California Tea House samples? I thought the lowest amount they sell is 3-4 ounces. Some other really nice companies with samples: zentealife.com fusionteas.com dellaterrateas.com tealux.ca

RogersCK said

Tea Sipper, California Tea House sells sample size teas (1/2 oz)

I must have missed those!

Tea Sipper: Thank you for the additional list of companies with samples. I don’t know why they don’t all do that – there are so many I won’t buy from because I don’t want to drop $10 (or a lot more) on two ounces or more that I might not like.

Adagio is the best one I’ve found so far (in terms of cost and number of blends). As best I can tell, you can get a sample of every blend they offer that makes 5-10 cups – most of them for $2 (the rare blends are a bit pricier). It’s been a great way for me to at least try some things I wouldn’t have otherwise (like White Peony!).

Off to look at the sites you mentioned (unless my husband sends me to Tea Anonymous before I get a chance!).

Oh I know… the Adagio samples are very tempting! If only they would have samples of all their fandom blends.

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I bought a 3.5 oz bag of Choco*late Organic Tea from American Tea Room recently, which isn’t my thing (tried one cup)… I would like to swap it for an equivalent amount, or would consider selling it for $15 including shipping.

I also have about 40 g of David’s Tea Southern Belle, up to 100 g Adagio’s Earl Grey Cream, and a new 4.4 oz Kusmi Boost Tea tin that I would like to swap.

Also available for selling or swapping: Teavana Contour tumblers in grey and purple – both new in box (http://www.teavana.com/tea-products/tea-cups-mugs/travel-tea-cups/p/teavana-contour-tumbler). Each $30 including shipping

I am looking for

American Tea Room Brioche
Ginseng tea
Blue People tea
O’Sulloc Sweet Jeju Brown
Lupicia Momo, Cookie, Champagne Rose, Carol, really, you can tempt me with just about any tea from Lupicia.
Republic of Tea Cinnamon Plum or Raspberry Quince
Darjeeling tea

ToiToi select said

I am interested in kusmi boost but not sure what I can offer (I don’t have anything you listed). I have some david’s tea and some other tea in my stash. Message me what kind of tea you like and maybe I can make a list?

I have a number of Darjeeling teas to swap if you’re interested. I also see a couple things in your cupboard I would like to try. Follow me so that we can talk :)

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I’m on the list for a traveling box but it will be months before that gets to me. I am open to swapping anything in my cupboard which is updated as soon as new shipments come in. ;) The only thing that will vary is amounts. I am looking for anything on my shopping list and I am always in the mood for a good black tea, a pu’erh and always love an EG. Darjeelings are also a weakness.

Dr Jim said

I would be interested in a swap as I also prefer unflavored blacks and have lots of Darjeelings (many more than are in my cupboard on Steepster). The thing is, I’m expecting a tea box in a couple of days and don’t want to think about a swap until after I send it out. Perhaps we could do a swap in early Oct?

Sounds good. As the temp drops here I will definitely beef up the cupboard with more blacks and heavier teas. I justs followed you so just PM me when you’re ready to swap. Have fun with the tea box.

If I have anything you’d like to try, feel free to PM me :) I can definitely hook you up with some Laoshan Black :)

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kimquat said

Okay, here we go. I’m still fairly new to Steepster and I’ve never swapped tea before so I’ll need a little guidance! I’m looking primarily for unflavored oolongs, blacks, and pu’erhs. I’ll also take quality green teas. No white tea, no rooibos or herbals. Take a look at my shopping list. (:
These are the teas I have available to swap. Servings in parentheses are approximate.

Culinary Teas
*Oolong Orange Blossom (1-4)
*Blue Lady (1-5)
*Angels Dream (1-5)
*Cinnamon Spice Rooibos (1-5)
*Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos (1-10)
*Green Rooibos (1-5)
*Royal Ceylon Gunpowder Green (1-5)
*Formosa Oolong (~1oz)
*Osmanthus Green (~1oz)
*Hojicha (~1oz)
*Russian Caravan (~1oz)

Art of Tea
*Happy Tea (1-4)
*Citron Mate (1-5)
*White Coconut Creme (1-10)
*Earl Grey Creme (~ 3.5oz)
*Dragon Crisp Genmaicha (~3.5oz)
*Genmaimatcha (~ 3.5oz)

Mandala Tea
*Valley Peak Green Tea (1-4)
*Premium Grade Tie Guan Yin (1)
*Rock Oolong (unopened sample bag, and another smp. bag minus one serving)

Mellow Monk
*Yuzu Dream (1-4)

Verdant Tea
*Earl of Anxi (1-2)
*Summer Harvest Laoshan Green (1-2)
*Laoshan Village Chai (1-2)

sTEAp Shoppe
*Cinnamon Swirl Bread (1-3)

Butiki Teas
*Flowery Pineapple Oolong (1-2)

Bird Pick & Herb
*Premium Silky Green (1-3)

I am interested in some of your Art of Tea samples. I actually have a couple Butiki oolongs on your shopping list. Follow me so we can talk :)

Interested in the caramelized pear. Will check out your shopping list!

I would love to try the Noble Mark and Earl of Anxi!

I can offer you some Laoshan Bilochun Green and I THINK I have the Teavivre Oolong on your list or Teavivre Dragonwell. I will have to check at home and get back with you. PM me :D

Dr Jim said

Do you still have any of the white coconut creme?

kimquat said


Dr Jim said

I’m following you. Check my cupboard to see if there’s anything of interest.

Oooooooohhhhhhh! :D bourbon street vanilla, white coconut creme, cinnamon swirl bread, Flowery pineapple oolong, laoshan village chai, earll grey creme, blue lady!

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linnaete said

I have a bunch of sample-sized teas I am not interested in I’d like to trade for other samples. I’m open to pretty much anything but really looking for herbals, rooibos, guayusa, oolong, green.

The measurements are including the bags.
I have:
Chocolate Cake (Tealux) 1 oz./30g
Un Momento (Tealux) 20g
Butterscotch Potion (Tealux) 20g
Pumpkin Spice rooibos (Tealux) 15g
Cactus Flower (Della Terra) 5g
Raspberry Vanilla (Zen Tea) 20g
Rooibos Chai (Zen Tea) 15g
Northern Berry Kyss (Zen Tea) 20g
The Skinny (David’s Tea) 24g

I would be interested in chocolate cake, un momento, pumpkin spice! Pm me if interested:D

Interested in the Butterscotch Potion, Pumpkin Spice rooibos, and Rooibos Chai! I have herbals and greens for swap. PM me if interested! :)

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I have a mostly full tin of The Persimmon Tree Tea Company’s Fruit Fusion, I only took out enough to try a cup.

I would like to trade for anything on my shopping list (or just something awesome in general) and I am just fine swapping for one tea or a bunch of samples so I can review more teas.

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I’m looking for fall teas! If you have some to spare I am interested and willing to swap:D

You are in luck! You are after me for one of the teaboxes (since TastyBrew dropped out) and I have a whole bunch of autumn teas that I can donate to the box. several from della terra’s harvest collection, and the 52teas candycorn tea, and some other various autumn teas that I can put in too.

I should be getting the box tomorrow, and I won’t keep it long :)

Awesome!!!!! That would be amazing! Do you have any butiki autumn ones? I remember in my first ever swap with you you sent me pistachio ice cream and pumpkin Creme brûlée. Any of that left as well by chance??!wow I am sooo excited!!! I didn’t realize I was already coming up!

I don’t have a lot of Butiki teas at the moment, but i do have and can include some pumpkin brûlée. :)

Yippee yippee yipee!

Kaylee said

I’ve got some Butiki Cider Guayusa that I can send your way. No swap needed!

kaylee are you sure? That’s awfully kind of you.

Kaylee said

It’s not a problem. I don’t like it all that much and parting with a few servings will help me cut down my tea volume.

I have a ton of Pumpkin Spice tea bags (Stash brand)! Let me know if you’re interested.

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