[US] Tea swaps for US to US only

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TEArender said

I am getting some extra shu from meng hai, high quality I am told, but would be interested in swapping for Dancong or other oolong

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I’ve gotten so many rooibos and black teas lately, it’s time to have something different. Greens, pu-erh, and oolongs.

Preferably flavoured from either David’s Teas or Della Terra Teas.

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Stella select said

I’m looking for Red Leaf Tea’s matchas. I haven’t tried any of them, so almost any flavor would work. Please check out my cupboard since I have so many teas available for swap. Also, if you have any teabags you are looking for, just name it. I will probably have it.

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Just in case anyone missed it, I had a separate forum post about selling tea mystery packages for $13. I have one left(possibly two – the other person hasn’t gotten back to me yet), to the US only. More info here: http://steepster.com/discuss/6110-stash-reduction-mystery-package-sale-us-only-please-price-lowered

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Still trading for things in my cupboard, look at mine and I’ll look at yours!

I’d like to try Rooibos Nutcracker, and Rocky Horror Spice.

To you have Vanilla Oolong or Easy as Pie left? Pumpkin and Oolong are two of my favorites.

Yes to the vanilla oolong, unsure about Pie.

I’m very interested in trying any of these: Eight Candles, Earl Grey Cream, Pumpkin Pie Matcha, and/or S’mores. I updated my cupboard and I’m adding you just incase. :)

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Desperately seeking some more Davidstea Pumpkin Chai. I believe my cupboard is up to date! Anyone still have some and is willing to swap?

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VariaTEA said
Message deleted by author.

Hi I am interested in DTchocomint cream,ice cream cake,read my lips and Teavana mudslide if you see anything in my cupboard.PM me for amounts if you do : )

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Skysamurai said

Trying to weedle down my collection of teas. Some of these I just can’t have while pregnant. Let me know if you want to trade for something. I’m willing to give away the Tea of Life teas.

– Super Happiness Tea

Indigo Tea co
– Yunnan Pu Er
– blood orange black

Tea of Life
– De Stress
– Slimming

– Auspicious Ayame Wulong
– MArziplum delight
– Ginger Lemon Bash
– Pineapple Kona Pop!
– strawberry lemonade

island rose
– rum vanilla
– Green Lime

Sticky Rice Tea (It’s just enough for one person.)

Adagio Teas
– Sweet Potato Pie
– Guanabana
– Fujian baroque

Harney & Sons – Royal Wedding

Tazo – Chamomile

Giant bag of German rock sugar

Blooming teas:
- Lily Basket
- Lemon Blossom

Dustin said

I’m interested in the Harney and Son Royal Wedding. My cupboard should be up to date if you want to check it out.

How much of the sweet potato pie do you have? A friend of mine loves it, but apparently Adagio pulled it from their website.
Following you.

Dustin said

^I wonder if it is similar to Lupicia’s sweet potato pie. Might be a next best thing or at least worth a try if you can’t get more of Adiago’s.

Dustin – I’ll have to see about getting some. This is for a friend of mine, so I would have no idea if Lupicia’s is similar or not since I’ve never actually tried Adagio’s. Lol.

Skysamurai said

Arg! Sorry guys. I didn’t realize people were replying here. I thought it was other people making more tea posts.

Both of the teas (Royal wedding and Sweet potato pie) were apart of another trade. So there is only about 5 teaspoons left in each. Probably 6 or 7 in sweet potato pie actually. I’ll follow both of you as well and send you messages.

kimquat said

I’m interested in the Yunnan Pu Er! Take a look at my cupboard. It’s isn’t necessarily indicative of how much I have, or what I have, though.

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Kat said

Hey, I’m new, but I figured I’d jump in.

Anyway, I have around 4 ounces of Teavana’s Sakura Allure, and I just can’t get behind the flavored green tea wagon. I thought I’d see if anyone was interested. I’ll try to get a more exact measurement for how much I have. I’d estimate something like 3.5 ounces of it. It may be closer to 4. I never drink it.

I also have a lot of Teavana’s Yunnan Golden Pu-erh, which I love, but I would be willing to trade just to diversify my stash.

And maybe 1 ounce, maybe only a couple of tablespoons, of Adagio’s Almond Oolong. (I’ll check on this one. )

And I have 6 ounces of Adagio’s Chestnut tea on the way (I was only going to buy 3 ounces, but I had enough rewards points that I wanted to spend to buy more. It made sense at the time.) I’d be willing to part with a few ounces of that.

I know that’s not a whole lot of offerings, but I thought I would at least probe out a bit. None of these are like super old either, by the way. My stash here only stretches back to late August at the earliest. I’m interested in trading for similar amounts (unless there’s a huge cost differential, of course). Is that standard? And I’m not interested in green teas at all. I like oolongs, blacks, and pu-erhs best. I’ll consider whatever. I suppose PM me about questions, etc.

I assume I’m not acting totally inappropriately.

Hi there. I’d be interested in trying the Yunnan Golden Pu-erh if you’d like to glance through my cupboard? Following you now.

Kat said

I’d love to share it. It’s a fantastic tea. I’ll PM you tomorrow when I’m less close to passing out.

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Anyone want to trade Republic of Tea Double Chocolate Mate for something? It’s unopened, so… I could trade the whole thing for something unopen, or some of the tea bags for smaller samples. I just won’t drink this whole thing.


I have a 0.3 oz packet of loose-leaf Faerie Garden Tea from Dryad (each one makes 3-4 cups of tea) It’s good hot or iced!

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