[US] Tea swaps for US to US only

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Kaylee said

Trying to clear out some tea. I’m indicating amount and month of purchase/receipt. I imagine the more recent purchases will go faster, but I figure it can’t hurt to put up some of the older teas too. A lot of these are black teas. Not in the original package unless otherwise indicated. All teas were stored in a cool dry place.

Up for swaps:
Alice’s Tea Cup Christmas Tea (8-10 cups’ worth), October 2013
Butiki Killer’s Vanilla (1 oz, original bag), April 2013
Della Terra Cinnamon Diletto (1 oz minus 2 teaspoons), November 2013
Harney & Sons HT Hot Cinnamon Sunset (20 sachets), February 2014
Kusmi Troika (~8 cups’ worth), age unknown, received in a swap in September 2013
Naked Teas Galore Black Forest (½ bag), Amoda January 2014 box
Nina’s Paris Versailles Rose (~6 cups’ worth), September 2013
Tea at Sea Mountain Organic Indonesian Black (sealed sample size), February 2014
Tea Forte Estate Darjeeling (sealed 2-cup sample size), ~ 1 year old
Teavana Fig Rose (2 oz minus 1 serving, original bag), purchased January 2014
The Tea Spot Clouds & Mist (~4 cups’ worth, opened sample packet), age unknown, received in a swap in April 2013
Verdant Tea Love & Joy Blend (½ bag), Amoda February 2014 box

Hi I would love to swap for you harney and sons hot cinnamon sunset and Butkus vanilla if you see anything fro my cupboard?
Thanks :)

I am interested in Nina’s Paris Versailles Rose if you see anything in my cupboard that you’re interested in.

Kaylee said

Hi teamore. I’m interested in the Della Terra Caramel Oolong and Butiki Lychee Oolong. I also have the Butiki Eggnog, which is on your wishlist. Follow me so we can PM.

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Looking for DT buttered rum if anyone has some.Please see my cupboard.Thanks!

Are you still looking for this? I have 50g (minus a few teaspoons) of this I mostly ordered so that my order would qualify for free shipping. I’d be happy to send it to you.

hi Yes I am! Let me know what you see in my cupboard.I will be very generous! Thanks so much for thinking of me.

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I don’t really like asking for such specific teas, but I’m wanting to place some orders with these two companies and I want to make sure that I like the tea before ordering the required large amount.

Golden moon:
Golden Monkey
Keemun (maybe)

Andrews & Dunham:
Yunnan Golden Tips
Tiger Assam
Double Knit Blend
Red Tailed Hawk

Just about anything in my cupboard is up for consideration with a few exceptions. But that can be hashed out later. Lol.

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Hey guys! I’ve got some flavored senchas I’m looking to swap out. They’re fresh and good quality, just taste more like candy and less like actual fruit (which I would prefer) if that makes sense!

1oz – 2tsp Den’s Tea Apple Sencha
1oz – 2tsp Den’s Tea Grape Sencha
Approx 1/2 oz Cherry Sencha Kyoto Rose

I am actually quite curious, I am not sure I have had a flavored sencha. Let me know if there is anything you are interested it, my current up for trade stuff is a few posts up :)

Dark rose and cherry blossom sound interesting. PM me and we can talk amounts? Thanks!

I’m interested in the apple! And maybe the grape? Let me know if either of those is still available and if there is anything I have that strikes your fancy :)

Hey Jenkay I will totally swap with you! Please give me a few days to reply again…my basement flooded last night so I’m dealing with that and I’ve got an art fair tomorrow! I’ll get back with you soon…thanks!

Oh no! I hope there wasn’t too much damage. Just message me when you’re ready :)

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linnaete said

Looking to swap a few teas:

Davids Tea:
The Skinny (about 0.75 oz)
Golden Pu’erh (about 0.75 oz)

New Mexico Tea Company: Rooibos Masala Chai (about 1.25 oz)

Zen Tea: Raspberry Vanilla Rooibos (about 0.5 oz)

I like herbals, rooibos, mate/guayusa, oolongs and some white and greens. Not a big black tea fan.

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Looking for David’s Teas- Blue Lagoon or Mint to Be.

I’ve got some Della Terra teas to trade or check my cupboard.

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LuckyMe said

I’ve got a few teas I’m trying to get rid of. All of them were stored in airtight canisters. Let me know if anyone’s interested in these:

Strawberry Rose Champagne Oolong (Teavana) – about 1.5 oz, purchased Nov 2013
Organic Thai Iced Tea Blend (Arbor Teas) – about 4 oz, purchased May 2013
Organic Matcha (Touch Organics) – 50 g, purchased January 2014

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I have a voucher for $80 worth of loose leaf tea at ESP Emporium, with free shipping. I’m looking for DavidsTea, Della Terra, or Tea Guys swaps. Also open to other stuff (rooibos, mate, or herbal). Let me know what you all have. Thanks!

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I’m looking to swap for or purchase Verdant black teas. I’m kind of obsessed with them, especially Laotian black. Please reply if you have any to spare and I’ll be in touch.

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I’m looking for a couple of teas to swap. Anything in my Cupboard is up for grabs.
I’m looking for:
Happy Kombucha- DAVIDsTEA
Buttered Rum- DAVIDsTEA

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