[US] Tea swaps for US to US only

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Looking to acquire large amount of daily drinking Puerh for https://m.reddit.com/r/tea/comments/4yl7h4/looking_to_try_puerh_i_got_you/

In exchange for either Japanese teas, aged oolong, or some 2016 ‘laobanzhang’.

Just needing more material to send out these educational entry packages to new Puerh drinkers.

JakeB said

I have some that I can send your way. I think I have three 100 g sheng cakes, and maybe 100-200 g of ripe. Would you be interested in giving out a white tea from a
cake? Or were you just giving out ripe and raw? I’ll get my stash together right now. If possible (for me), could I mail it out to you tomorrow?

mrmopar said

I will repost the box today that came back. Full of samples and most are prepacked.

@JakeB message me the total you have and then what you are looking for in return.
@mrmopar thank you :), I will have some LBZ coming your way in return!

mrmopar said

LP your box tracking number
9505 5121 8886 6247 0030 55
Check your Post Office and if you don’t get it by Tuesday take the number to them and as so they don’t send it back again please. I think your Post Office is as messed up as mine.

Hi, I have ~235g of a 2011 Nan Jian Ripe Puerh from What-Cha. I’d be interested in the Japanese teas or aged oolongs. Let me know if you’re interested.

@mrmopar it’s a holiday in Monday :) I’ll give them some time

@mucheljacques just send me a PM on what value you would put on it and I’ll build a swap

Just sent over a PM, assuming you are still looking.

One last bump before I buy more. The donations and swapping has been great but there’s still a good 40 more people left : )

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JWhisk said

Hey everyone, I bought a ton of white2tea samples and finding some more to my liking than others. Looking to swap away…

20g 1990s HK style
15g 2007 Repave

…for something from Bana Tea (interested in ripes, if anyone has any), or some Taiwanese oolong, or any aged white. Thanks!

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If anyone has any desserty teas from David’s Tea I’ll swap for anything you would like. I’ll pick up from one of the great Colorado local tea shops!?

I may! Let me check

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Just did an inventory on my stash… I’m in need of wuyi and dancong teas of all sorts. Willing to trade about anything I have so I’m not just drinking Taiwanese oolongs and puerh

LuckyMe said

I could always use more Taiwanese tea :-) I’ve got some Spring 2016 Wild Da Hong Pao from YS if you’re interested.

mtchyg said

I have some Wuyi Shan “Qi Lan” rock oolong from YS if you are interested

Zennenn said

Are you still needing wuyi and dancong? I bought large amounts directly from a tea farmer and they are very good. Dhp, bai ji guan, ya shi.

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Jude said

Anyone like to drink or otherwise use (medicinally, cosmetically, etc) chamomile? I have a 2 oz bag from SpecialTeas, have had it for a while but it’s still sealed. It’s “Chamomile Flowers Special Selection.” Would be happy to trade it!

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UPDATED 1/5/17. Weights are approximate, since I’m just going by a regular kitchen scale. I’m happy to break up the larger quantities.

Dammann Freres:
Tisane des Merveilles, a few cups’ worth—not looking to get rid of this one, but I have a lot of it and would be happy to send some samples

AC Perch:
White Symphony, 4 oz.
White Temple, 3 oz.

Soleil Levant, 50 g minus 2 tsp

I would be happy to take those off your hands, are you only looking for a swap or will you sell too?

Great! I’m happy to sell if you’d prefer.

Inkling said

I’d be interested in any/all of the Dammann Freres teas, as I’ve barely tried anything from them. Does anything in my cupboard appeal to you? Let me know and I’d be glad to swap!

Messaging you!

k22 said

I’d love to swap as well, are you still doing it?

Yes, I still have all of these to swap!

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Message me for any details. This is the list of stuff I have a decent amount of that I’m alright sending some off out of my stash:

Black Sunshine, Andrew & Dunham
Jeju Sejak, Harney & Sons
2012 MuYeChun, Mengku
1999 BianXiaoZhuan, Mengku
2008 Golden 8100, XiGuan
2016 Miyun, Farmer Leaf
2016 Yellow Flakes, Farmer Leaf
Jingmai Beauty, Farmer Leaf
Jingmai Moonlight White, Farmer Leaf
2016 Lazers, Grindcore Sheng
Red Water Oolong, TShop
Aged White, TShop (no idea of age, came in the month sub)
Jin Guanyin Wuyi, Verdant
Huang Mei Gui, Verdant
Dancong, Wuyistar
Jin Guan Yin, Wuyistar
Dongding, Chayo (Daoist Meditation)
1983 Sun Moon Lake Black lot 486, TaiwanTeaCrafts

Pm sent!

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Zennenn said

Hello my tea friends, I have three packages of Ruby 18 black teas that I’m just not enjoying. They are all good teas, I just don’t enjoy the tomato-mint thing that this varietal had going on. At least that’s how it tastes to me!

Let me know if you’re interested and we can work out a swap.

Song Tea Twenty-One, about 40g
Dachi Sun Moon Lake, about 110g from two packs

And a random sheng
2010 YS Pasha mountain, 25g


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I’m trying to clear out some of my less loved teas. Weights are approximate, since I’m just going by a regular kitchen scale. I’m happy to break up the larger quantities. Also happy to sell any or all of these if you’d rather buy than swap.

Whittard of Chelsea
Apple & Elderflower, ~2 oz

Damman Freres
Tisane des Merveilles, ~2 oz

AC Perch:
White Symphony, 4 oz.
White Temple, 3 oz.

Soleil Levant, 50 g minus 2 tsp

Shogun, ~ 2 oz.

AJRimmer said

I’m interested in some of these if you still have them!

I do! Let me know what you’re interested in.

AJRimmer said

Not sure if you saw my message, but I’m interested in the first four things you listed, especially the Tisane des Merveilles.

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tperez said

Hey there! I’m looking to give away four Yunnan Sourcing teas:

*2017 Spring First Flush Mao Feng: most of 100g

*2017 Spring Snow Flower Bi Luo Chun: most of 50g

*2016 Spring Chun Lan Wuyi Oolong: I think around 25g

*2016 Spring Purple Moonlight White: around 50g

Nothing wrong with them; the greens are just very mild and the Chun Lan and moonlight I didn’t love, and I have too much tea sitting around.

I’d like to send them all together to one person. Totally free, but I certainly wouldn’t complain if you sent me something in return. Let me know!

mrmopar said

Name the price. My better half would probably love these.

PuerVsem said

Hello friend!
Propose a exchange.
You send me this tea, and I’ll send you some wonderful incense – http://puervsem.ru/magazin/product/blagovoniya-tan-syan-tan-xiang-sandalovyy-aromat-osnova-bambuk

tperez said

That sounds interesting PuerVsem, but are you located in the U.S or Russia? I don’t really want to do international shipping

PuerVsem said

Hello dear friend!
I was in Russia.
Do you have expensive delivery to Russia?

tperez said

Hello PuerVsem, unfortunately shipping to Russia would be expensive, sorry.

PuerVsem said

Hello friend!
Well thank you!

brutusK said

Have you found a home for this tea yet?

tperez said

I have sorry, sending it to mrmopar, the man with the sexy car

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