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This thread isn’t as busy as it used to be!

I went through my teas today and updated my cupboard. I have three flavored matchas from what used to be Red Leaf Tea and is now Matcha Outlet. I’m looking to trade them for something different. I just didn’t like it as much as I thought I would.

I also accidentally double-ordered some teas. So I have an extra 4 oz. tin of Harney & Sons AllNighter and an extra 4 oz. tin of Harney & Sons Boston.

Each bag of Matcha is 30 g. I have an Apple Pie one that’s open and an open Cheesecake flavor as well. I also have a sealed Butterscotch.

Let me know if you would like to trade! I can only afford to send to U.S. at the moment. Thanks!

AJRimmer said

I’d be interested in swapping with you! Follow me and I’ll message you what I have to trade.

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Hi, AJ, I followed you but I’m working on a rush so I might not get back to you until I take a break in a few hours. Thanks!

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fidgetiest said
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brutusK said

I can’t say I have any yancha or aged white to trade, but I do have amounts of two Bana Tea Company beengs I’d be willing to part with:
-most of a Blank Label 2004
-maybe 40g of 2016 Commemorative by Denong Tea.
I’d be most interested in the following that you have: Black Gold(what I’m most interested in), 1990s Gaoshan, Mini mushrooms, flapjacks, Zi hong pao, and 1995 OG. Add me so we can chat some more about this!

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fidgetiest said

Time for me to destash more! These are all from vendors who have other stuff I totally love, I’ve just been sampling a LOT this year and these weren’t my absolute favorites / perfectly to my taste. Weights are approximate because I put ’em on the scale in their bags and rounded down by a few grams:

hei cha:
2015 Gao Jia Shan “Wu Long Mountain” Tian Jian from Hunan (Yunnan Sourcing) (45g)

sheng/raw pu’er:
2017 Yiwu Peacock Blend (Tea Urchin) (25g)
Autumn 2016 Jingmai Ancient (Farmerleaf) (20g)
Spring 2014 Jingmai Natural Gardens (Farmerleaf) (20g)
Spring 2016 Wuliang Single Trees (Farmerleaf) (15g)
Spring 2017 Nannuo Shan (Farmerleaf) (20g)
2014 Impression (Yunnan Sourcing) (20g)
2011 Wild Tree Raw Pu-erh Tea Brick of Dehong (Yunnan Sourcing) (17g)
2017 Big Green Hype (white2tea) (10g)
2017 IPA (white2tea) (20g)
2015 Drunken (Vesper Chan, via Liquid Proust) (13g)
2011 Dingjiazhai (Chen Yuan Hao, via Liquid Proust) (14g)
2005 Yesheng (wild) (Liquid Proust) (10g)
2017 Nannuo, Yushuwan (Liquid Proust) (14g)
2007 Ailao Shan (Liquid Proust) (14g)
2000 Lao Man E (Liquid Proust) (20g)

Let me know if you’re interested in swapping (or buying, I guess). I’m generally most interested in sheng, sometimes yancha or aged whites.

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