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Hello! I’m totally new to steepster and i’ve only been drinking tea regularly for about 6 months but i’m hooked!
I’m interested in straight blacks and greens, especially chinese.
Right now i have each of the following:

Assam (davidstea) 1oz
Chamomile (adagio) 3oz!!
English breakfast (teavana) 1.5oz
Milk oolong (Whittard) 2oz
White pear (agadio) .5oz
White grapefruit (adagio) .5oz

I’m willing to split amounts too so if you only want .5oz of something that’s totally fine. Let me know if you’d like to swap!

ToiToi select said

I’m interested in darjeeling :) following you!

Martine said

I’d be interested in the Gyokuro green… is there anything on my swap list (above in this thread) or in my cupboard that you’re interested in?

Oh the adagio caramel sounds nice! I’ll message you

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Emilie said

Hey everyone! I have about an ounce of Smokey Chocolate from 52Teas that I’m looking to trade out. I’m also willing to send out samples of pretty much anything in my cupboard so feel free to ask. I’m not looking for anything in particular, though things on my shopping list are always nice to try!

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Hi everyone! (*^▽^)/

I’m ready to do more mystery swaps. YAY! (☆^O^☆)

This time I’d like to swap 8 different types of tea, at least two servings each (OR, if you have a tea you want to share, but can only spare a single serving, then just add a serving of something else too)

These are min. requirements and I won’t expect anything more, but I will likely include extra surprise stuff in some packages because I’ve already accumulated much to be rid of since my last cupboard cleanup.

Please see my profile for disliked flavors and my rated teas list for all teas that I have already tried. I will do the same for you, but also let me know if there is anything you don’t want that isn’t indicated on your profile.

Let’s swap some tea! ( ^^) _旦~~

Meeka select said

Yay! I would love to do a mystery swap!

I’d be interested.

CK select said

I’d like to try out a mystery swap :)

Ok, I’ve pm’d everyone who has responded so far. I’ll take at least 3 more swap partners for this round :)

linnaete said

Hi I’m interested but not sure yet how this works. Please msg me so I can see if I “qualify”. Thanks!

DianeInOz said

Same as linnaete, I’m am interested but not sure how it works!

DianeinOz, follow me so that I can PM you.

Thank you to everyone who participated in a mystery swap with me (this time around and previous times :D )

It’s been awesome trying out sooo many new teas!! Sadly, the fun must end for now and I must officially ‘close’ this post. I have so much going on and no more time to play with my tea collection.

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Emilie said

I’m looking for matcha!

I finally own a matcha set, so I’m looking to try different matchas, especially interesting ones. I only have match from Zhi Tea right now, and I’m very interested in trying flavored ones.

I’m open to trading most of my teas, and here are some specific ones that I’m looking to send out

Smoky Chocolate by 52Teas
Chocolate Almond Coconut by Della Terra Teas
Chocolate Chip by Adagio

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I have a package of 100g David’s Tea Southern Belle minus one cup, plus several teas in my cupboard, as well as many unlisted. I am looking for a ginseng oolong (especially Blue People), but will be glad to look at other swap lists.

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linnaete said

I have a few teas I could sample out, and I’m really looking for anything and everything decaf. I have a serious longing for rooibos stuff, love all things herbal, and don’t mind trying other decaf collections. At this point in time I’m really trying to avoid caffeine so trying to bump up my collection of decaf. Anyone wanna swap? :) I don’t mind getting 1 or 2 servings of a tea either, I’m not picky and I love trying new things!

What I have:
Golden Pu’erh (David’s Tea)
The Skinny (oolong from David’s Tea)
Tie Kwan Yin (oolong from David’s Tea)
Silver Needle (white from Adagio)
Cha’ Porto Formoso (orange pekoe from the Azores, an island off Portugal)
Island Fruit Blend (blend I picked up from the Bahamas)
Decaf Green Tea (bags, from Yogi)

Really looking to send a few cups worth of samples out, though I have tons of bags of the green decaf, and a big bag of island fruit blend if someone wants more of those.

The Cha’ Porto Formoso makes their own tea that my MIL got from the Azores. http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g189123-d554495-Reviews-Cha_Porto_Formoso-Azores.html

And I picked up the Island Fruit Blend when I was on a cruise to the Bahamas. I don’t have an ingredient list, it was from a small tea shop on the island. But it seems to be an herbal with some mint in it. I guess I need to strengthen my palate so I can reverse engineer!

I also have bags of ginger teas, not sure if anyone is interested in those. I keep them around for tummy aches.

Dr Jim said

I would be interested in any of the David’s teas (esp the Tie Quan Yin) or the silver needle. I might also be interested in the Yogi tea; is this the plain green decaf?

I have a number of decaf teas in my cupboard, as well as large quantities of decaf Darjeeling by the English Store and EnjoyingTea.com. I also have very small amounts of the following Adagio teas: Decaf vanilla, Decaf mango, Decaf spice, Decaf strawberry, Decaf mandarin green, Decaf Blueberry, and Decaf Raspberry. I would prefer not to swap these but if there’s one you really, really want, I could be persuaded.

I’ve never done a swap before so you’ll have to walk me through the process (quantities, etc.).

linnaete said

I’ve followed you, please follow me and we can message about it. Thanks!

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CupofTree said

Is anyone interested in swapping my Maple Bacon Black tea by 52Teas for another breakfast type black tea? I have just about 2 oz of it, just opened. My favorite right now is French Toast by 52Teas and I am open to other flavored black teas. Thanks!

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Is anyone interested in swapping for tea bags and a few single steep packets? I have a cabinet full of new teas I bought to try but I’m just not that into them. The brands I’d want to unload are: Tea Forte, Zhena’s Gypsy Tea, Two Leaves and a Bud, Yogi, Eden, Harney and Sons, Traditional Medicinals, Numi, Organic India. I have a lot of some and a little bit of others and they are almost all in my “Cupboard”. If anyone shows interest I can list exactly what I have on hand. I also have a giant bag of David’s Tea Cookie Dough I will never ever get through…

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a Steepster newbie and swapping/arranging swaps is a completely new idea to me. I’d need some guidance. And as far as my credibility goes… I don’t expect anyone to have blind faith in me so I’d welcome you to find me on other social media/ebay/etc to check me out. This looks fun and I’m tired of giving my neighbors my tea for nothing and saying “Please drink this. Drink this and call me so we can discuss it. Please?” lol.

Also, I have mucho tea en route (mostly Della, which I am super freaking psyched about) so for now I am mostly interested in – but not at all limited to – trying David’s Teas (on my shopping list) or other fun flavored teas, depending what they are and their Steepster feedback. I’d be generous since it’s mostly bagged tea I have for now. Thanks for reading! :)

Cookie dough is definitely on my interest list!! How much are u swapping?!?!?! PM me!

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Looking for someone interested in close to 40 grams of David’sTea Wild Black Yunnan. Just not interested in it. I’d love some sort of jasmine or maybe something to revive my faith in black teas other than earl grey or scottish breakfast. I like most things that aren’t insanely flavored. Even weird, exotic stuff like guayusa has a place in my heart!

I have probably that amount in guayusa, actually! It’s from butiki. I’d love the yunnan :)

Iridium said

What a coincidence! I just tried this tea today, I have about 40 grams left, and I also found it disappointing…

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I wanted to see if anyone had of the early Spring Della Terra blends. (I was mainly looking for the Valentine ones.)

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