[US & CAN] Tea Swaps for US and Canadian folks - North America!

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Dustin said

I’d love to try the 52 Teas cinnamon roll,
Butiki Teas – almond indulgence, and Davidstea lemon cream pie. I have some of the teas on your shopping list that aren’t in my cupboard.

Cavocorax said

Could I try:
DT movie night
American tea room: so coconut
teavana: Coco caramel salt?

I have a few on your list (Butiki pineapple cilantro, s’mores genamicha-though that batch might have been bad, and a lot of rooibos from Zen Tea and Della Terra)

Messaged :)

Courtney said

I’d love to try 52Teas Coconut Cream Pie, American Tea Room So Coconut, and Persimmon Tree Coconut Creme. I have Butiki’s Pistachio Ice Cream and a little bit of Della Terra’s Apple Cinnamon Yogurt. I also have Della Terra’s Strawberry Kiwi Fusion that could be considered a tasty caffeine-free tea :)

Hey Courtney, actually the only one of those I have left is the PT Coconut Creme :)

I could send you more though, I will pm you!

Courtney said

Any chance I could grab some of the Tin Roof Teas Rhubarb Cream and Republic of Tea Coconut Cocoa rather than more of the PT Coconut Creme? That would be awesome :)


moraiwe said

If no one’s called them yet, could I get the Davids Stormy Night and Della Terra Strawberry and Cream?

I have a couple things on your shopping list as well as a ridiculous amount of yummy caffeine free dessert blends (mostly rooibos) that I bought all at once before I realised I didn’t really like rooibos :(

Sure, they’re yours! I will msg you tomorrow :)

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Kaylee said

Up for swaps:

Butiki Potato Pancakes & Applesauce (3 tsps)
Butiki Pistachio Ice Cream (5 tsps)
T Salon Green Coconut (4 sachets)
Tea Forte Bombay Chai (two single serving loose leaf pouches)
Tea Forte Estate Darjeeling (two single serving loose leaf pouches)
Tea Forte Lemon Sorbetti (5 tsps)
Tea Spot Sweet Lullaby (sample size minus 2 tsps)
NMTC Extra Sleepy Bear (5 tsps)
Numi Aged Earl Grey (6 teabags)
Harney & Sons Paris (3 wrapped sachets)
H&S Ceylon (1 wrapped sachet)
H&S Earl Grey Supreme (2 wrapped sachets)
H&S Green Tea w. Thai Flavors (8 sachets, unwrapped)
Della Terra Sunshine (about 3 tsps)
Della Terra Winter Nog (about 2 tsps)
Adagio White Cucumber (sample size minus one tsp)

I’m open to everything except black teas.

If you still have this I’d like the 2 Butiki teas,
Tea Forte- Lemon Sorbetti
H&S Green w/ thai flavors
Adagio White Cucumber

Kaylee said

@tattooed_tea – follow me so we can chat

Kaylee, I am a tea newbie and wanted to try some different ones. Want to take a look at my cupboard and do a swap? I have the Teavana Spiced Apple Cider and the Pumpkin Spice Brulee about 4 ounces each minus a couple teaspoons if you wanted to try.

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I know this is kind of a stretch but I want to give it a shot…I have matcha, and I love it…and I would like to swap some of it if anyone would be willing to pick up some DAVIDs teas for me. I know my matcha is open and the DAVIDs is new and unopened, but I also know that matcha is a pricey investment if you’re not sure you really want it or like it so…yeah???

I have:

Maple Syrup: Distinctive
Cheesecake: Distinctive
Fig: Distinctive
Bavarian Cream: Distinctive
Mocha: Delicate
Caramel: Delicate (not sure I have much of it…)
Green Apple: Delicate
Red Apple: Delicate

Usually about 5-6 tsp fit into the small 2×3 ziplock baggies I use to ship in, so that is between 5-12 servings depending on how much you use. I would say the weight amount of that is around 12-15grams? which is half of the small size from Red Leaf

Dexter said

Hi Jackie. I have a local DavidsTea and would be more than happy to pick you up anything they have in stock. I also have quite a bit of Davids in my cupboard (and several of thier .5g sealed samples that aren’t). I’m interested in a few of your matchas (and several other teas in your cupboard – if that’s negotiable). I’m in the middle of moving right now, but if you are willing to give me a week or so, and if you are interested in “making a deal” please send me a message, I’m following you.

Hey Jackie! I’d be up for swapping anything in my cupboard (there are some David’s Teas) or stopping by the local David’s Tea and picking up something for you. I’m interested in your Cheesecake, Fig, and Caramel matcha!

Hi, I’d be interested in swapping.. i’d like to try the red apple and green apple and the bavarian cream! … I can pick up whatever you’re looking for from davids… send me a message :)

Aimee; follow me so we can chat :-)

I just followed you!

Are you still looking for DT cartels? I’m interested in some of these flavors. Just started following you.

sarai said

i’d be interested in swapping for some matcha’s! I have lots of david’s teas!

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Offer closed.

I would love to work something out regarding:

Whittard Margaret’s Hope First Flush Darjeeling
Whittard Original
Whittard 1886 Blend

I’ve started following you and would love to hear from you!

I would love to trade something for the whittard jubilee blend!

sarai said

I’m also really interested in trading something for the Jubilee Blend!

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Courtney said

I’ve got small amounts (~2 cups each) of a few teas I’d like to swap out.

52Teas Shamrock Tea
52Teas Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish
Harney & Sons Ambessa Lingonberry Green (3x teabags)
Kusmi Caramel
Della Terra Chocolate Almond Coconut
David’s Kiwi’s Big Adventure

I’d love to get some more David’s Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble if anyone has any :)

I’d like everything from this list. I think I have the strawberry Rhubarb Crumble, it would probably be about 25grams.

Courtney said

That would be amazing! I can actually get that shipped out today if you message me your address :)

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Alysha said

Hi all! I have the following to swap (measurements are approximate):

52Teas Pancake Breakfast (~1oz)
Teavivre Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong (~1oz)
Della Terra Fireside Spice (~1.5oz)
Della Terra Tiger Sencha (0.5oz sealed)
DavidsTea Coconut Oolong (~12 tsp)
DavidsTea Oh Canada (~4-5 tsp)
DavidsTea Merry Cranberry (~10 tsp)
DavidsTea Sleigh Ride (~10 tsp)

I’d love teas on my shopping list but am open to others. Swap amounts don’t have to be equal; I just want these to give these to a good home :)

Hi! I’d love the
Pancake breakfast
Milk oolong
Coconut oolong

I have a big swap list with some full bags of several teas. I’ll pm it to you!

Alysha said

Sounds great, I’ll PM you!

I’ll take fireside spice, oh Canada & merry cranberry.

Alysha said

Sure! Follow me back so we can PM :)

Kaylee said

I’ve got some Della Terra Lemon Chiffon to swap for the Sleigh Ride, if you’re interested.

Alysha said

Sure, I’ll msg you!

sarai said

I’d love to try the Della Terra Tiger Sencha! Let me know if there any teas in my cupboard that you’d want to swap for. Also, if there are any current Davids teas that you want to try I can totally pick some up and send it.

Alysha said

Sounds good. Follow me so we can PM!

Alysha, I am a tea newbie and wanted to try some different ones. Want to take a look at my cupboard and do a swap? I have the Teavana Spiced Apple Cider and the Pumpkin Spice Brulee about 4 ounces each minus a couple teaspoons if you wanted to try.

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ETA ok enough for now :)

I can’t afford to ship out to too many people, so the first few who add me and PM me are going to get some tea! I will delete this shortly thereafter :)

Good thing you’re making room! You have a big haul that’s gotta be almost there!

My husband is going to KILL me!! I’m so excited though :)

Kaylee said

I haven’t tried any Davidsteas – if you have any that aren’t black tea, I’d appreciate a sample!

Kaylee, shoot me a pm so I don’t forget to get back to you later! :)

Cavocorax said

Awww! That’s super generous! :D (I don’t need any samples, but I just wanted to throw that out there as I’m sure a lot of new tea people would appreciate your samples!)

sarai said

I’d love to try some of the Della Terra Teas if possible!

Sure Sarai :)

Id love to try the honeybee, brazillianaire, and banana dream pie if possible

Hi, actually I’m done for now, and I don’t have tons of those ones so they weren’t on my list of giveaways anyway :)
Actually I think I drank the rest of Brazillionaire

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Lindsay said

I have a box of various tea samples that I would love to get rid of. If possible I would like this all to go in one box to one person. Some teas have only 1 or 2 cups worth and it’s easier to give it all away in one go. The sample box contains approximate amounts of the following:

Lychee Oolong – Butiki Teas (maybe 2 cups worth)
Peach Oolong – Butiki Teas (1 cup)
Xingyang 2007 Shu Pu’er – Verdant Tea (unopened 7g sample)
Organic Rooibos – Harney and Sons (unopened individual tea bag)
Mango black tea – Harney and Sons (~4g)
Moroccan Mint – Harney and Sons (~6g)
Peach fruit tea – Harney and Sons (~2g?)
Raspberry Herbal – Harney and Sons (~8g)
Monkey Picked Tie Guan Yin – Teavivre (~5g)
Tai Ping Hou Kui (green tea) – Teavivre (unopened 10g sample)

Any takers?

ToiToi select said

I would love to take it :)

Lindsay said

Sold. I’ll send you a PM :)

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Courtney said
Message deleted by author.

I would totally take the Indian Summer off your hands.

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Okay, must swap. Too many new teas coming, need to clear out some of the ones I probably won’t drink.

52teas’ Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish
Della Terra’s Blueberry Crumble
Butiki’s Pineapple Cilantro Cream
DavidsTea’s Perfect Pear
DavidsTea’s Merry Cranberry
52teas’ Shamrock Tea
52teas’ S’mores Genmaicha
DavidsTea’s Buttered Rum
Granville Island Tea Co.‘s Mango Rooibos
Granville Island Tea Co.’s Tuscan Pear Rooibos
Granville Island Tea Co.’s Surprise Rooibos

I would love your perfect pear (its my fave and my supply is low)… i’d also kind of like to try the pineapple cilantro cream and the bluberry cream cheese Danish.. I have a lot of teas I can swap in my cupboard, and am also able to pick up teas from davids

Aimee, sounds great! I have quite a bit of Perfect Pear that I can send you, if you want it. Follow me, and I’ll message you.

moraiwe said

I’d actually really like the Blueberry Crumble, S’mores Genmaicha, and Buttered Rum. Not sure how much you have of each, but definitely interested in at least trying each! I have kind of an out of control cupboard right now, but if you find anything you’d like let me know :D

I have about 1.5oz Buttered Rum, maybe .75oz of the S’mores Genmaicha, and then enough for several cups of Blueberry Crumble. I do see a few teas that I’d be interested in in your cupboard, I followed you so we can work out a trade. :)

moraiwe said

That sounds great! Just shoot me a message with whatever you’re looking for and we can work something out :)

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