[EU] Tea swaps for the Euro world only

As the title states, this thread is intended for those who only want to part-take in tea swaps in European countries.

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Helena dP said

I am keen to try some unusual herbal blends from European friends and I will be send you a list of what’s in my vast cupboard including some lovely Spanish blends for you to choose.

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Noname said

Anyone interested?

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I recently discovered this lovely website and would like to take part in the tea swapping thing that seems to be going on here! It sounds like a great way to exchange new flavours.
I live in Belgium (Antwerp), anyone willing to introduce me to tea swapping? :D

Ysaurella said

VictoriaRose I’m sure you’ll find out a lot of volunteers to swap with you. You’re new here on Steepster and it may be a good thing to start following some people, add the teas you own in you cupboard and maybe begin to start writing some reviews. The more connections you’ll get here the more swaps you will do.

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Ana said

I really love the idea of tea swapping! I’ve never done it before though :/ So if anyone is interested… feel free to send me a message. P.S. I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina ;)

Courtney said

I wish I was in Europe so I could swap with you. There’s a thread for global swapping as well, which is a bit more active. :)

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emilyc said

I haven’t swapped but I would love to try!!

You should write a little bit about yourself (where you live, what teas you like, etc) on your profile and add teas you already own to your cupboard :)

Yep write a little about yourself so we can get to know your likes and dislikes. I’m sure soon enough some of us Europeans will swap with you :)

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