Can I brew these Western style instead?

I purchased some Dianhong Golden Tip and the instructions say to use boiling water, then rinse, 3 min., 9 min. I also got some Organic Long Zhu and the instructions say use water that is 167 degrees (!!!) and do 45s, 60s, and 120s.

I am a very, how do I say, straightforward type of person, and I thought I was buying teas that I could throw in my Breville and call it a day. Will these still be good if I don’t do all the fussy stuff? (Nothing against the fussy stuff, I understand that ritual is very meaningful and/or soothing to some people, I’m just not that patient.)

If I can’t, I will put them on the Swap, and that will make me very sad, because I only just ordered them. :-(

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Lala said

I have Dianhong from Teavivre and I make it 1tsp in 8 oz with boiling water for 2 min. It turns out really good. I think it just depends on your taste. I don’t usually follow gongfu type instructions. I just make is my version of Western style.

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You can certainly brew anything western style. I usually notice western style to be a little less complex. Perhaps try the Dianhong Golden Tip at 2 tsp per 8oz of boiling water and steep for 3 minutes. Maybe try the Organic Long Zhu at 180F for 4 minutes, 1tsp per 8oz of water. Those might be a good starting point until you find the right measurements for your taste.

James R said

Agree, 2tsp (around 5 grams) boiling for 3 minutes comes out great!

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Thank you both! I am so relieved to know that there is another way to brew these teas.

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Infussion said

Steeping suggestion is just that – a suggestion. Keep in mind brewing technique influences the outcome greatly.

A rule of thumb – if the container with water burns when touched – the water is too hot for most green teas.

Thank you! The teas came from you and I was so excited to receive them. I’m so happy that I can enjoy them “my way.”

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Erin said

Just remember, the only “correct” way to brew a tea is whatever way it tastes good to you :)

Angrboda said


Rachel, if you were going to just swap them away anyway, then why not just go ahead and try it? What’s the worst that could happen?

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Rachel J said

If anything this community has taught me, it’s that it’s ok to experiment and find the brewing method that works best for your own taste and “workflow”. I recommend when trying a new tea that you only have a sample packet of, to only make one cup at a time, so you have some room for trial and error before deciding whether to purchase more.

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darky said

speaking off samples i’m always confused about how many cups are we supossed to brew from those small sample bags :)

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