Onling Gaming and Tea Drinking - More Common than you think

Aloha! An article I wrote about the parallels of online gaming and tea drinking got publishing in VentureBeat.

Thanks to Steepster user Helena for starting a discussion about this subject months ago. I connected with her and she provided much of the inspiration for the article. Has anybody else noticed these parallels before?

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“[Explorers] are not unlike wine lovers or birders.”

Ha, I think that’s my proclivity. And I’m a birder as well, though not an especially competitive one.

Have you met a competitive birder?

I don’t know any on a personal level, but I have met birders who seem more interested in racking up species on their life lists than the enjoyment of observing the birds. I should also mention that there’s a world series of birding:

Dinosara said

I think those categories apply to most things. There are certainly birders that fit each category… I know some of each! Listers (people who only care about their life list total) can be achievers or competitors. Some people make a competition out of anything. For an interesting look at birding and listing, check out the book “Life List” by Olivia Gentile about the woman who was obsessed about having the biggest life list and seeing as near to all the bird species that are extant.

@Dinosara, that is so cool, what a crazy life, always trying to finish the list. I don’t even make lists, I’d rather go about life step by step and enjoy every single one!

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Hahaha, I kinda do see those parallels.

Thinking back to when I did online gaming, World of Warcraft – I went on this thing where I’d take my Boomkin (owl beast thing), find the weird spots on the game and take screenshots. Then I’d send it to my guild.

These days, I take lots of pictures of tea, and still a bit of a clown.

Thanks for sharing, sounds like fun!

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Coming from the fandom-hobby background, I got a real kick out of this article because I would liken the growing youth tea community to the cosplay community. It would seem that tea culture is becoming another online playground, especially with the fervor generated by Adagio’s fandom blends.

That’s great marketing!

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I’m mostly an Explorer with a little bit of Achiever in game but when it comes to tea I can identify a little bit with all four categories. And now I MUST find that guild and see if I can join it XD

You should connect with Helena, she is the one that made the guild! She posts about the guild here and says it’s an open and casual:

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AJ said

Amen to that. I like making a pot every time I play TF2. I sip between kills and refill my cup when I die (so first person shooter rather than MMO).

Now that’s my kind of drinking game. High-five, bro.

AJ said

Haha, thanks.

I do the same when playing CS:GO :)

Hard core tea lovers!

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