What do you brew your tea in?

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I’m still a newb in regards to teaware. I usually brew my teas in tea balls, infuser spoons, or my tumbler’s brew basket. If I feel like having more than one cup, I’ll use my glass blooming tea pot or my very cheap cast iron tea pot (which I bought from a small cooking store).

Now that I’ve bought a kyusu from Den’s Tea, I will brew my Japanese greens in it. I’m planning on buying myself, for my birthday, a gaiwan gongfu set, which I’ll use for whites, other greens, oolongs, puerhs, and pure blacks. I’m very excited about the idea of finally preparing tea with a gaiwan.

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Sammerz314 said

For everyday casual steeping, I use the Piao I infuser. For formal tea sessions, I will either use an Yixing teapot (for Oolongs/Puerhs) or a Gaiwan (Greens/Whites).

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I use the Perfectea Tea Maker from Teavana. It’s affordable and efficient.


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Kaylee said

I have an adorable teapot-shaped infuser that I got as a gift. It’s not especially practical, but it is charming.

My go-to infuser is the ducky one – http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/ed29/?rkgid=275668648&cpg=ogpla&source=google_pla&device=c&network=g&matchtype=&gclid=CLfEwpXDybYCFQqi4AodvUkAvw

I also (very) recently got a Kati from Tea Forte that is quickly giving the duck a run for its money – http://www.teaforte.com/store/tea-accessories/cups/kati-tea-brewing-system/ It’s nice because the infuser is big and open, so you can watch the leaves unfurl on your higher quality teas.

I use a Bodum teapot if I want more than one cup or for a flowering tea – http://bodum.bodum.com/us/en-us/shop/detail/1842-01US/?navid=624

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Hallieod said

It’s not the most exciting, make-you-feel-like-a-tea-expert choice, but I recently got an infuser from The Tao of Tea, via iHerb (http://www.iherb.com/The-Tao-of-Tea-Easy-Tea-Brewer-1-Brewer/46663), and am very happy with it. If you have a tall, narrow cup, it traps the aroma almost as well as a teapot, and it’s a fine mesh. Best thing is that iHerb ships to Ireland (and New Zealand, I just checked!) for a flat rate of $4 for orders under 4 lbs. (And they calculate the weight as you add things to your shopping cart.) There are a couple of hair care products we can’t get here that I regularly order from them, and it was fun to find teaware too! (Of course, I couldn’t resist a tin of Tao of Tea as well.) The infuser is out of stock atm, but will be in shortly.

Thanks Hallieod, appreciate that you checked on my behalf! The site looks great – amazing shipping too! Fantastic stuff, many thanks!

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20monkies said

Starting off, I was just steeping the leaves in a large glass (it’s thick) and then transfer it into a mug.

Now that I’m really into it, if I need to make a larger batch I’ll steep it in the Bubble Pot I picked up at David’s Tea. If individually, I use the infuser that came with the pot and stick it into a mug and cover. :)

I’ll sometimes switch to putting it in a glass because I like to watch the leaves before transferring.

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ifjuly said

When I’m making at least 3 cups, I use a Russell Hobbes electric kettle because it has a separate warmer burner for the pot of finished steeped tea that keeps it at just the right temperature (I’m a slow tea drinker!). Here it is: http://www.amazon.com/Russell-Hobbs-RHTT9W-1-7-Liter-Electric/dp/B0038KVKE4

Prior to getting that when I was still heating water on the stove (eventually got sick of how long it took) I was using a blue Chatsford tea pot from Upton. And before THAT I was using the tea pot in my user pic, an Eva Zeisel knock-off (found at TJ Maxx of all places!) I love dearly but was way too large (and too pretty/precious) for regular use.

Now that I have learned from this community you can resteep many loose teas I’ve become very interested in getting a David’s Perfect Mug (tall and narrow just the way it should be!) or their Gung Fu teapot to let me do one cup at a time and keep re-steeping. It is too easy to amass more tea pots than one can actually use, alas…I lust after all the waaaaaay out of my budget ones from Mariage Freres!

I lust mightily for that Breville One-Touch. Maybe someday as a holiday present from my husband. ‘Til then though I’m very happy with the Russell Hobbes (it does take up double+ the amount of counter space, as a heads up).

Rachel J said

Cool, never saw that kettle/teapot combo!

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