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Taste profiles of various sencha steam levels

can someone tell me what to expect in general from various types of sencha? I mean asamushi, Chumushi and Fukamushi. Thanks :)

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To start off (not to insult your intelligence) sencha is steamed green tea from Japan. It typically contains notes of grass, ocean, seaweed, butter, and umami. This changes when the amount of time it is steamed changes.

Asamushi is called a lightly steamed tea, it is steamed for about 30 seconds. It has a lighter, cleaner, crisper flavor profile to it that is slightly more astringent.

Fukamushi is steamed 2-3 times longer, or about 90 seconds, also called deep steamed. It has a much bolder, richer flavor profile. It’s more seaweedy, grassy, oceanic, buttery, and umami flavors to it.

Chumushi is a medium steamed tea, it lies between Fukamushi and Asamushi, it is steamed for about 1 minute. It’s flavor profile will be between the two. I have not had a Chumushi sencha before, so I’m going off of what I have read about the different senchas on this one.

Lastly, Ichiban or Sincha is the first picking. The later the picking, the less complex and flavorful the tea will be.

I hope this helps!

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