OPRAH in looove with DAVID!

Shocker news: OPRAH in looove with DAVIDsTEA!

She was here in Montréal this week, to give a conference. She was staying at the Fairmount hotel, so they asked David’s to prepare something special for her. ( if some of you don’t know, DT was founded here in Montréal ) Apparently, she loves chai, so they made a special gift bag incuding various chai teas plus one of their large yellow perfect cup. She went crazy for Coco Chai Rooibos and the idea of the Perfect Cup!

She gave her conference In front of 15,000 poeple last night, and what did she mention more than once? That she loooves David!

We all know what happens when Oprah loooves something, don’t we?

Congrats David, how’s that for a business booster :-)

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momo said

She posted a pic on Instagram too, I was just like HOW COOL would it be to be the one who puts together a gift for Oprah?!

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I know! I saw the girl who actually prepared it, she had also put a hand written note in the bag. Oprah had her team find her, she said when her cell rang and she heard «Hi, my name is Oprah Winfrey and want to say thank you», she nearly fainted!

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Ysaurella said

yes she mentioned loving the fries maker of SEB…to be honest it seems really weird for a French person to understand how powerful a TV host can be. This is quite unique

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I understand what you’re saying Ysaurella. Yes, she is one powerful women! I think the fact that she’s been part of so many people’s daily lives for over 25 years talking about real issues that we can relate to, makes her a reliable person rather than just a famous person.

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