Thelma said

Where can I buy Wedgwood teas?

I’ve not been successful buying Wedgewood teas. Can anyone help me? Is there a website where I can make my purchase? I’m looking for English Breakfast and English Afternoon. Thank you.

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sandra said
yyz said

This is the regional website for Wedgwood in Australia but they don’t ship anywhere other than Australia. Perhaps if you contact them they could arrange shipment for you. I know that Wedgewood was bought out by the company that bought out Waterford Crystal. I know for Waterford they basically stripped out most of the operation in Ireland and sent production mostly to China. Unfortunately if the tea was previously part of the main operation of Wedgewood it may of been a victim of restructuring. If you don’t live in Australia perhaps you can contact the regional office of Wedgewood where you live and they could arrange shipment?

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Sandra, did you have any luck buying Wedgwood tea? I have been trying to buy Wedgwood Assam, with out any success. Tried in Australia and in the UK.

Thanks, Kris

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Excelsior said

Try Japan. Wedgewood teas are sold throughout Japan in department stores, upscale supermarkets, and tea salons. I know you can buy them through the online Japanese shop Rakuten but they charge a super high premium. JPY378, about USD3.78 for five tea bags.

yyz said

Further to the above I found this link
They seem to sell loose leaf. They also sell refills of the English Breakfast.

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