Posting a tasting note


So every time I’ve been trying to post a Tasting Note, the button just chugs and chugs. I haven’t been able to post anything all year, which is really disappointing! I’m on a mac and tried on both firefox and safari- anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?


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tperez said

All year? Huh, I would say its just Steepster being derpy, but that does sound like its a computer/browser problem… :?

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Kittenna said

I use Steepster with a Mac without problems, and I think I’ve posted with both mentioned browers. I don’t know what causes the pop-up-like box to come up; maybe there’s an issue with some component of… something… there. Yeah, I don’t know a ton about that sort of thing! (Note: it’s not a pop-up, so I doubt removing pop-up blockers would do anything). I’d get in touch with Jason, who runs Steepster, and see if he has any ideas :)

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