Quality of GD's Pu-erh

Hello World of Tea Lovers!
Just started drinking pu-erh a few months ago. I bought the Golden Dragon brand because it was comparable in price to other tin teas that I usually buy. Later I learned that pu-erhs can cost thousands of dollars because of their age!
So I began to wonder if this Golden Dragon bran is of any health benefit or must I drain my bank account for a healthy pu-erh?
Uri Ipswitch

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tperez said

I hadn’t heard of Golden Dragon before, but it looks like alright loose shu pu’erh.

The ones that cost thousands of dollars are usually REALLY old sheng. You can get pretty good pu’erh for fairly cheap, and they should have the same health benefits.

Sometimes cheaper pu’erhs aren’t fermented very carefully and they get mold in them, which isn’t healthy at all. But if it tastes good it should be fine and healthy for you :)

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